IGN: Guitar Hero Smash Hits: Track Reveal Part 3

Yes rockaholics, it is indeed time for more videogame stardom for you and your closest three friends (and that weird kid that shows up to every gaming session and rocks a tambourine or "rhythm" egg like he's some "5th member" or something) as Guitar Hero Smash Hits has debuted, and news is ready to start breaking. IGN hooked up with Activision and RedOctane to make sure they had the latest and greatest info on the game for you, and that begins right here with their weekly track reveal and mini hands-on impressions.

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jav09183460d ago

the songs there are great but why so small...What happen to FCP Remix Knights of Cydonia, before i forget, cliffs of dover!!!, devil went down!!, impulse would have been good also, monsters, my name is jonas, number of the beast, paint it black, WE THREE KINGS!!!, when you were young even. This list beats the list they gave by miles...who cares about through the fire and flames ok they put it in but they could have put these in also...