Kotaku: Tekken 6 Preview

Kotaku writes: "I liked Tekken 5 and saw no reason why I wouldn't like Tekken 6. There were some "new" things I didn't get to experience in only four matches that may have an impact on my feelings. For example, I didn't see the new multi-floored levels where you can crash through a floor or a wall into another area; I didn't see the rage system that increases a character's strength when they're near death. More subtle matters I couldn't get a feel for were the Bound system that extends juggles and the tweaks to death animations and fighting combo mechanics. Also, Law has gone through a major character overhaul; but since I wasn't supposed to play as him, I only got in a single match. It looked cool, but I can't say if I like it or not based on only one go".

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