ELSPA Weekly Chart - Xbox 360

Has GRAW 2 done enough to stay at the top of the charts or has the release of Brian Lara International Cricket done enough to go straight into the top of the charts?

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nice_cuppa4755d ago

no one has posted here so im asking a question.

i came to play my 360 today and i cant connect to xbox live !

i checked my connection and my MTU doesnt work !

is xbox live down or is my router craping up ?

romaink4755d ago

Microsoft's been announcing it for about a week. For about 7hrs we won't be able to access Live. I just remembered when I saw your message

BoneMagnus4754d ago

I actually bought a new router yesterday and had it all hooked up and working. I started downloading Shivering Isles late last night and went to bed. Early this morning - 6 A.M. Central Time, I went to check to see how it went, and I couldn't connect. I was aware of the scheduled maintenance, but I thought it was going to start later in the morning.

Anyway - when I did network check, I got the same thing - MTU failure.