Why Not Cel-Shade Mario

Lucas DeWoody Writes:

Back in 2001, one of the biggest controversies in gaming took place. Nintendo decided to mix things up and unleash a doe-eyed Link that looked almost like a 1940's era Disney film (that's a compliment, not a zing) on the unsuspecting attendees of the final Space World conference. We all remember how the fanbase was split. Many thought the visual style was a return to the classic imaginings of the old time installments, while others thought Miyamoto had taken one too many trips to his "garden." Time has since passed, Wind Waker went on to become a classic, dissenters got their own Zelda in the form of Twilight Princess, and everything was good.

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PSP23458d ago

ew dont do it i like mario uncelshaded

bigjclassic3457d ago

in SMG the shadowing of Mario almost makes him look cel shaded.

CPmonkey3457d ago

wasn't he cell shaded in the mario 128 tech demo thingy?

N4g_null3457d ago

Mario is cell shaded to look 3d LOL. Cell shading it would only be going backward graphics wise unless this was super mario 4.

I'm curious to see if they can give us a 3d version of the old super mario bros though. That would be very cool.

PotNoodle3457d ago

Why not let mario retire?

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The story is too old to be commented.