Zombie Apocalypse Direct-Feed Walkthrough: Exploding Teddy Bears, Hazards And More

John Knoles, Design Director of Nihilistic Software, demos the classic arcade shooting fun of Zombie Apocalypse for the PS3 and Xbox 360 via PSN and XBLA.

Omni-directional firing (Smash TV, Geometry Wars) is a definite must for any game that sends this amount of enemies at you in every direction. Good show Konami.

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Insanium3459d ago

Day 1 purchase. Awesome, fun looking game.

- Ghost of Sparta -3459d ago

Burn Zombie Burn! was fun (and excruciatingly difficult at later levels) but it was missing online co-op. :(

Zombie Apocalypse is less cartoony, more detailed, and bloodier. Plus, Nihilistic Software is a pretty badass name for a developer. :)