TotalPlaystation: White Knight Chronicles Preview

Sam Bishop: "It wasn't so long ago that White Knight Chronicles was blowing everyone who saw the Tokyo Game Show trailer away -- or at least it doesn't seem that way. In truth, the game was first shown off way back during TGS in 2006, which is a lifetime for us poor, JRPG-starved masses. Luckily, Sony has finally started featuring the game in their press events, and while the build we played was still largely in Japanese (delivered with a massive bible-thick guide -- also in Japanese -- at the ready), we still finally got to play it, which was something only importers and those lucky enough to wing it over to TGS have done so far."

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nefertis3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

I can't wait until this game comeout and many other ps3 fans looking forward too this game.

CaptainKratos3459d ago

cant wait for this one either,i hope it does really looking forward for another great jrpg.

Baba19063459d ago

deffenitly first day for me. but i dont want to get to excited couse it could take years till we get it in europe. well gotta be patient and wait.

Rmagnus3459d ago

If they get it first, you can just import it