Surviving The Pandemic: A Gamers Guide

GamingFront.Net Writes: How will you pass 180 days when the new pandemic really kicks in?

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oriol0033484d ago

Im in the border they are probably going to shut down my school so ill be inside for quite awhile

cyguration3484d ago

A lot of game-time without school would be uber-cool.

stickskills3484d ago

It's crazy how this flu is spreading. I really hope this gets under control soon, but great article.

cyguration3484d ago

Don't be a party-pooper.

Some of those games are pretty good. This is more like a top list than anything. Good games, nonetheless.

omodis4203484d ago

These games are all cheap and provide hours of play. Cupofgoodness needs to lighten up.

SwiftBlade3484d ago

Pretty interesting, thanks for sharing

Steyene3484d ago

Heh, I be lucky being Australian and all. Interesting article although the formatting seemed a little odd. But that is a list of decent games though.

The_Zeitgeist3484d ago

Yea this whole deal is scary. I don't think that the US government is being honest. Check out this link from a company that tracts virus and infectious diseases. It is a constant twitter feed every time they get reports in.

The_Zeitgeist3484d ago

Just to let you know dude. It's already in Australia.

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The story is too old to be commented.