BlazBlue Limited Edition is Very Blue Indeed

Kotaku wrote: "Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Arc System Works' latest 2D fighter are getting the big box treatment by Aksys. The set not only contains a very pretty box and the game itself, but a 2-disc, 42-song soundtrack set and a bonus disc containing tutorials from the experts at and"

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UltimateIdiot9113457d ago

The PS3 version looks better. The bluray case fits in with all the blue. I prefer the PS3 cover, not at all distracting compare to the 360 version. The green and white really throws it off.

Sangria3457d ago

Instant buy for me. I love Guilty Gear series and i can't wait to play BlazBlue.

MK_Red3457d ago

Holy ****. This is a MUST have. Guilty Gear games ruled and this just looks AWESOME.

[email protected]3457d ago

This look sexy but man, too many games.

cyrus2283457d ago

i cant wait, playin guilty gear now lol, but this i cant wait for this, must buy

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