Splinter Cell Conviction: Will it Redeem the Franchise? "Between all the hype for Assassin's Creed 2 and Beyond Good & Evil 2, Ubisoft Montreal has characteristically avoided any mention of Splinter Cell: Conviction. Until now. Official Xbox Magazine UK has reported that Conviction will apparently be arriving by Christmas this year. Even if it's pushed back, at least it won't be far away from Ubisoft's originally projected date of late 2009 to early 2010. For a game that's been undergoing several changes after being delayed for almost two years, the dev team is still candid on what actual gameplay will be like. The Assassin's Creed fixation may change, given the problems that the crowd and manipulating it to accomplish missions poised."

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N4PS3G3463d ago

Huh? Redeem what franchise?

All the splinter cell console titles have solid scores and sales

Xbox-Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell-93
Xbox-Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow-93
Xbox-Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory-94
Xbox-Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent-89
Xbox 360-Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent-85

They just need to make it as good or better than the old ones ...but there's nothing to be ashamed or that needs redemption

Sony Rep3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Wasn't all those games on the PS2/ PS3 also? I was just wondering if this franchise was exclusive...

I'm sure ubisoft recognises the millions of fans on the PlayStation platform. *wink*

- Ghost of Sparta -3462d ago

Splinter Cell has always been a multiplatform franchise. N4PS3G's job is to mislead people into believing that Microsoft has exclusives.

N4PS3G3462d ago

lol ..its not my intention to mislead anyone

Its clearly not my fault that the other console versions always scored worse ;)

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell- (Xbox)-93 (Ps2)-89 -(GameCube)-89
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow-(Xbox)-93 (PS2)- 87 (GameCube)-78
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory-(Xbox)-94 (PS2)-87 (GameCube)-81
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent- (Xbox)-89 (PS2)-84 (GameCube)-64
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent-(Xbox 360)-85 - (PlayStation 3)-78- (Wii)-61

As i stated before.. The xbox versions of Splinter Cell don't need redeeming ...can't say the same about the other versions haha

Grown Folks Talk3462d ago

They already know that. It was originally built for the Xbox. The other versions were crap just like the PS2 versions of Ghost Recon. That's why PS only folks claim they suck because theirs did. Whining @ss Sony fans always throw up MGS anyways.

JokesOnYou3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Splinter Cell: Conviction is a highly anticipated game for 360 owners, the game has always been very popular on xbox which means its going to be a huge exclusive for 360, that of course angers the folks who foolishly said 360 won't get any games in 2009, E3 is coming and it will only get better so I expect more hate than usual for anything 360 related on this site. lol, but it sure will be funny watching the haters squirm.


sonarus3462d ago

Xbox was more powerful that PS2 plus it had better online so no surprise that SC would score better on Xbox considering it was lead developed on the Xbox.

Regardless i don't think the series needs redemption. They had one average game. Not a bad game just an average game and all of a sudden they need redemption?

In all honesty, i want the new splinter cell on PS3 simply because i played all of them with the exception of double agent on PS2. However, i did play double agent on 360 though so if conviction is exclusive i have no problem playing it on 360 as well. However i would simply rather play it on PS3.

So here is hoping that Ubisoft uses their common sense and makes it a multiplatform game. E3 should let us know what the deal is

lowcarb3462d ago

Good stuff. You had me laughing away. Poor mindless fanboys lol.

Xbox Street Gang3462d ago

Maybe if the 360 actually had games we'd be back more often. lawl

Also, SPlinter Cell is a b-level franchise compared to MGS.... relax

TheIneffableBob3462d ago

The PC version of Double Agent was terrrrrrrible. Ubisoft totally dropped the ball on that one.

Bathyj3462d ago

I guess they (and I) feel it needs redeeming because Splinter Cell is a series that kept getting better and better until the 4th one. Your right, it wasn't terrible, but it sucked pretty hard compared to #3 which is the best for my money. A band is only as good as its last albumn to some and devs need to be careful not to sully respected franchises. Afterall CoD3 left an awful taste in alot of mouths.

Anyway, I only hope that going back to the drawing board and taking all this time was good for the game. I'm fairly confident this will be a top notch series again.

GiantEnemyCrab3462d ago

Don't mind the haters. Btw didn't Ubisoft announce this as a 360 exclusive what is it even doing in the PS3 or PC section?

TheIneffableBob3462d ago

GiantEnemyCrab, Splinter Cell: Conviction is an Xbox 360, PC, and Nintendo DS game.

CobraKai3462d ago

Since when did the franchise need redeeming. Double Agent, while it didn't break from the formula, was a solid title.

Brock Danger3462d ago

I know PS people didn't get to enjoy Chaos Theory, but that game was amazing. The graphics, the gameplay, Michael Ironside's grizzled rendition of Fisher, it was sick. And the co-op was way ahead of its time. Hopefully it makes a return in conviction.

Man, double agent sucked though.

villevalorox3462d ago

I have never player splinter cell on xbox. I am sure it is much more fit for the xbox than ps, because of the dev. But I did enjoy all of them. I know they were crap ports, but even being crappy ports I had lots of fun playing them. I think developers (in this case the people that develop splinter cell, are just lazy. SC games have so much potential. Sh!tty azz ports are only making gamers see how lazy they are, and distant themselves from their games. I think it is fine for dev. to make an exclusive game for a console of their choice, but if you port a game, why not make it your best? An amazing port I saw was Burnout. There was hardly any difference at all.

And I think Sc and MGS are 2 totally dif games, Just because it is stealth means nothing, thats like saying Assassins creed is a SC clone. lol.. they both offer stealthy gameplay and stuff but they both go in 2dif directions, same wif MGS and SC.

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3463d ago
ElementX3463d ago

i don't think it needs redeeming.

Perjoss3462d ago

Double Agent on the 'next gens' was made by the ubi shanghai team, chaos theory was made by ubi montreal, personally i much prefer the work done by the montreal team, they also did prince of persia sands of time if im not mistaken, another game that oozed quality.

I still loved Double Agent, Overall I think the metal gear series is better but I think the SC series has the best stealth gameplay around, and the JBA missions were a nice change of pace.

badboy8083462d ago

THe delays are because their making a ps3 version I gurantee you.

N4PS3G3462d ago

“It’s NEVER gonna come out on the PS3 or the Wii.” It’s a logical decision. Nintendo’s console simply doesn’t have the graphical horsepower, and he candidly told us how the PS3 can’t handle AI nearly as well as the 360." Danny - Ubisoft

"Speaking during a conference call following the company's third-quarter financial report, Ubisoft has re-confirmed that Splinter Cell Conviction will be an Xbox 360 exclusive."-22/01/2009

"If you don't own an Xbox 360 and were hoping the delays were down to a new multi-format development strategy, you're sadly still out of luck."-22/01/2009

Xbox Street Gang3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

That first article is from 07. lol

The quote from the second article-- the last part, isn't even from ubisoft. It's from the guy who wrote the article. lawl. Why are you quoting him?

It's 360 exclusive for now... just like Bioshock, Ninja Gaiden, Tales of Vesperia, and Eternal Sonnata. rofl

N4PS3G3462d ago

lol I'm quoting and article that states that Ubisoft reconfirmed that Splinter Cell Conviction will be an Xbox 360 exclusive in their company's third-quarter financial report

and that was in 2009 ... what more do you need? Straight from Ubisoft you need a personal confirmation in your home with the CEO of the Company?

Baka-akaB3462d ago

Not saying 360 wont necessarily keep it ... but isnt that comment from the same Ubi and era , where they stated 360 naruto wasnt possible on ps3 ? yet far better was done later on , and it was revealed it was online a matter of the license outsourced to different devs on each consoles or family of consoles ?

If that game doesnt happens in ps3 , it would only be by choice , that's all

RememberThe3573462d ago

Your first quote is completely useless and was only meant as a jab towards PS3 fans.

Your second quote is the only one worth putting up.

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Apocalypse Shadow3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

to see MGS4 and comprehend that the bullsh!t they were making was not only not close to kojima's vision(like they stole ideas from MGS to make splinter cell),but wouldn't have represented the franchise well like they wanted it to.

here's hoping they have enough sense to make a decent game that still would have been better as a ps3 exclusive.


N2NOther3462d ago

Uhm...What ideas would those be? Stealth? Really? Because Syphon Filter and Splinter Cell have much more in common than MGS and Splinter Cell.

HDgamer3462d ago

Syphon Filter was less stealth and more action. Splinter Cell gives you a character with very little personality, someone who is very dull that you don't know jack about him. These games were ok, the first one was very good and Double agent could've been better. Basically Splinter cell has been multiplatform from the starts, it's only an exclusive to the xbox 360 this time around.

On another note the fanboys around here are hilarious, grownfolktalk is speaking of childish banter that makes real gamers smile with laughter praying to god they never become too drivel minded.