IGN: PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe Hands-on

IGN writes: "PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe is coming this fall and looks to be a blast. Personally, I think this portable format will be better suited to the games bite-sized levels and the fact that it's still a colorful, smooth experience on the PSP's widescreen doesn't hurt. Fans shouldn't be disappointed, and folks who missed this on the PS3 should definitely think about adding it to their PSP collection".

meepmoopmeep5554d ago

nice, must get for on the go play

ThanatosDMC5554d ago (Edited 5554d ago )

I hope it lets us do Game Sharing. I enjoyed the PS3 version with one of my stupid friends. It'd suck if we had to buy two copies.

Wouldnt it be great to allow us, those people that bought the game on the PS3, to get the PSP version free of charge??? I doubt it'll happen but i could wish.

Chubear5554d ago (Edited 5554d ago )

as good as bought. So this will be on the PSN store too?

Oh hell! A gem tower?! *spasms*

DragonWarrior_45554d ago

This isn't as pretty as the ps3 version, but it is pretty neat to have on the go. Very enticing.

ParanoidMonkey5554d ago

I don't think I really have a choice on the matter, I'm buying this.

Close_Second5554d ago

PJM-PS3 was brilliant, addictive and fun. PJM-PSP makes it portable. What could be better!

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PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe now available on PS Vita

8bitfix writes: It is finally here! As PS Vita owners waited patiently for some sort of update, in order to play their beloved PSP title, PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe on their PS Vita.

JoGam4435d ago

Now wasn't Shooter 2 or SideScroller suppose to be for Vita also?

Bakagami4435d ago

Nope, they never said anything about Vita ports for those games, just Monsters. they should though

Acquiesc34435d ago

PJM has to be my favorite pixeljunk game. Co-op mode is godly. Another reason for me to pick up a Vita.

irishyort4435d ago

Thats ok I guess...

Just let me know when Velocity, Frosbisher Says and Sound Shapes arrive in NA and the party can start after that

KentBlake4435d ago

They should have kept the sale going on until now. I didn't buy it because it didn't work on Vita. Oh, well...

kingdavid4435d ago

I got it for like 10 dollars.. Its still cheap as hell.

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PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe port to Vita pushed back to May 22

When Sony announced during the "PixelJunk Anniversary Blowout Sale" in last week's PlayStation Store Update, a little piece of news that the PSP game PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe would make its way to Sony's new handheld made a lot of Vita owners anxious for May 15.

Though this week's update has come and gone, the colorful tower-defense title is nowhere to be seen on the Vita's PlayStation Store, though a number of other PSP titles were added. PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe was part of the "blowout sale" last week, marked down to $4.99 from $9.99.

When reached for comment, Q-Games president Dylan Cuthbert said that some last-minute issuesforced the game's Vita debut to the May 22 PSN update.

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Lazyeye794441d ago

I just want them to create a PixelJunk Monsters 2.

meganick4441d ago

Same here. I'm surprised that hasn't happened yet.

XMBeaner4436d ago

Um, it's May 22nd and nothing. How about figuring out what happened and stop being a bunch of hacks. This is why games journalism sucks.

Bakagami4435d ago

you have to download it directly from the store to the Vita. It's there


Q-Games is Having a PixelJunk Anniversary Blowout Sale

Starting tomorrow, to celebrate Q-Games 10th and PixelJun's 5th Anniversary all of PixelJunk games will be on sale.

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paybackprahl4450d ago

Sale looks sick. Can't wait to pick up a bunch of these for $1 apiece.

JoGam4450d ago

Damn I already have these games. The prices are so cheap I might buy them again, lol. WOW...Just $1? You'll be a FOOL not to buy them. smh!

ftwrthtx4450d ago

Great deals. Too bad I own most f them already.