Assassin's Creed : Interview With Jade Raymond

Is it me? Or has Assassins creed completely dropped off the 'Games radar' as of late?

Well, Jade Raymond, producer at Ubisoft Montreal, was kind enough to answer some of xboxgazettes questions concerning their upcoming game : Assassin's Creed.

Xbox Gazette : How long has Assassin's Creed been in development ? Can you present the main designers?

Jade Raymond : Assassin's Creed has been in development for over two years. Immediately after shipping Prince of Persia the sands of time a small core team was given the mandate to create a new IP specifically designed to take advantage of next-gen hardware. Patrice Desilets: Creative Director, David Chateauneuf Level Design Director, Alex Drouin Animation Director and Richard Dumas Lead Gameplay programmer already had a ton of ideas of where they wanted to take next gen gameplay. Claude Langlais and Dominic Couture who led the technology for Sands of time had their own vision for the engine and tools of the future. The fact these people as well as other core members from The Sands of Time had already worked together means that they were up and running with a long list of ideas to prototype from day one. I joined the team a few months into conception to help give more focus to the team's pre-production efforts, add a little more structure to the milestones and build out the team. While the core team is same core team from The Sands of Time we have also added specialists from other teams at Ubisoft and the Game industry at large. Ubisoft asked us to redefine the action genre for the next-generation of consoles and the only way to achieve such an ambitious goal is to put together the right team: People who have proven that they can work together to deliver a hit as well as experts with diverse backgrounds.

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coolfool4753d ago

Is she the PR person just because she happens to be hot? Other than that, other developers don't often use producers as the public face of the company, normally it would be the lead programmer or the company head themselves. Maybe she is the PR face of the english speaking wing of the comapany?

Anyway, the interview seems interesting enough.

Darkaber4753d ago

All iv go to say is get this game out allready or at leaste let us see some desent ingame footage.


it may be your fault or the websites fault, but this interview was published on another website late in 2006. Its nothing new

Rasputin20114753d ago

Like I agree with Darkaber....I need some this game BUT some decent footage would do for now..

Aquanox4753d ago

According to the source, this is from October 2006. Too Old.

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