Destructoid: Space Invaders Extreme Interview

Being kind of a fan of all things retro, suddenly finding Destructoid had the opportunity to speak with the people behind the upcoming 360 version of Space Invaders Extreme was exciting to say the least. Taking a game praised by so many gamers to be virtually perfect and improving it before putting it on a new console is no simple task, but Backbone Entertainment seemed like an ideal studio to take on the job, considering their history with retro-love titles such as Super Street Fighter Turbo HD Remix, 1942: Joint Strike, and Gauntlet DS on the way.

Destructoid had the chance to sit down with Arvin Bautista, lead artist on the Space Invaders Extreme project, and talk about everything from the meaning of "the new retro" to why four player co-op is going to rock your socks off.

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