Fallout 3 title update now available, adds new achievements

Bethesda has released a patch for the PC and Xbox 360 versions of Fallout 3, now available for download.

The 1.5 update brings new achievements for the upcoming Broken Steel DLC and addresses a few bug issues.

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GiantEnemyCrab3462d ago

So does this remove the level cap and allow you to continue after you complete the main story line?

I see no mention of it so I guess not.

Hellsvacancy3462d ago

Im stuck with the Ps3 version and as theres no Dlc 4 us (i was grittin my teeth when i wrote that) u would of atleast thought theyll remove the Level up cap

I just couldnt c the point in continuing on with the game 1nce youve reached 20Xp so i guess even if the Dlc came out on the Ps3 version i probably wouldnt of bought it due 2 the cap

I did get the Platinum trophy though so the extra achievements would possibly b worth it

cupogoodness3462d ago

The Level cap comes with the actual Broken Steel DLC released on May 5th, this is a title update in preparation for the content.

TheDude2dot03462d ago

Just don't start the final mission. There problem solved.

GiantEnemyCrab3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Thanks for the feedback. Robondacob, that is exactly what I did I have a save without the last mission completed and have my character all jacked up. =)

Btw: I agree with the many Sony fans angry about not getting an update. DLC is one thing but a title update/bug fix should be made for all the platforms the game is on. I still think Bethesda will do a title update for the PS3 they are probably just busy with all the DLC work right now. Or maybe these fix bugs that aren't present or needed in the PS3 version?

pain777pas3462d ago

Bethesda is spitting in my face now. So some customers deserve better treatment, no patch for the PS3? Bethesda f$ck you!

Ozzyb3461d ago

The fixes are needed, they're just not being provided. There are definitely bugs in my PS3 version. I think it's lame to not at least fix bugs and make minor updates. Yeah, people paid $60 and that certainly does not include DLC, but it should include a properly working game.

thesummerofgeorge3461d ago

What the hell made them decide that only certain paying customers deserve a properly working product? Were they payed not to fix bugs in the Ps3 version? Or do they just arbitrarily favor customers who bought the 360 version. I'm really getting sick of this sh!t. I pay $60, $70, or $80 for a game I want it supported, it's bad enough they're getting payed off to withhold content from Ps3 owners.

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TheColbertinator3462d ago

broken Steel better be good.Operation Anchorage was a disaster for me

MasterBlaster3462d ago

Operation Anchorage was a big let down for me and The Pitt was just so so. I'm hoping Broken Steel can bring more of the awesome game that those failed to do.

maniacmayhem3462d ago

Would love to get that level cap off so i can start getting some XP from all the hackin and killin im doin.

Perjoss3462d ago

Beth kinda failed with the leveling in this game. Its easy to make a character that can do almost anything, so with 1 play through you leave no computer unhacked or safe unopen, they were simply too generous with the points you get from a level up. If i was forced to choose between a stealth guy or a tank type then i might play again to get the different experience.

I felt like it was an amazing game, especially the game world but at the same time it felt kind of unfinished, which is sad. VATS was interesting and for me at least it did not get boring using it, but it also felt like they could have expanded on it a little too.

MasterBlaster3462d ago

Even though Fallout 3's leveling system wasn't perfect, it was still much better than Oblivion's.

TheBand1t3462d ago

Y'know, it's not even the fact the PS3 isn't getting DLC that bothers me. It's the fact we don't get any patches. :/

Megaton3462d ago

No kidding, there are plenty of bugs that still need patching.

raztad3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Yeah, I know what you mean.

My only Bethesda game so far is Oblivion IV cause it was dirty cheap, but Im not buying any more games from them. The treatment they are giving to Fallout III PS3 owners is disrespectful. Its like they are cheating on ps3 gamers. Bethesda should go MS exclusive as Valve did, and cheat not more PS3 owners with incomplete and buggy games. We always can get the superior version on the PC for FREE.

jack who3462d ago

ps3 left out in the cold

PotNoodle3462d ago

I know for a fact you're trolling when you say that, but it is true and it is terrible.

I don't usually jump straight to the decision of buying a multiplatform game on the 360 over the PS3, but when i bought it - without a second thought i bought it for the 360 instead.

iDystopia3461d ago

lol Xbox 360 is already almost 4 years old. PS3 is ALWAYS left out.

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