SMPTE Makes Blu-ray Mandatory for 3D

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) has released the initial requirements for creation of a 3D standard, and one of the requirements is that it works as part of the Blu-ray format. The selected standard will presumably be used by the entire media industry, stretching from movies to television and even mobile video.

The standard, which is not expected to be determined until next year, is racing against other organizations and consumer electronic companies to be the first 3D standard for the high definition home. SMPTE has revealed that they will mandate a 1080p60 framerate (presumably two 1080p30 feeds), meaning that as of today, Blu-ray would be the only format able to carry the technology. Currently, broadcast television airs at 1080i and no other medium is operating in HD.

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GWAVE3463d ago

Nice. Yet another feather in Blu Ray's victory cap. Let the haters weep.

meepmoopmeep3463d ago

yeah, hope it makes it for ps3 soon

edgeofblade3463d ago

You can hate, or you can recognize Blu-ray just NOW stumbled its way into its destiny. Not at any point before this... just now.

GWAVE3463d ago

@ edgeofblade

Lol. Cut the weak crap. You've been one of the most outspoken haters of Blu Ray ever since HD-DVD went belly up. Troll harder.

JOLLY13463d ago

Digital Distribution could do 3d movies also then. PS...this has nothing to do with games.

edgeofblade3463d ago

Trolling? Hardly.

Blu-ray as a movie disk is just fine. No real gripes there beyond my own personal indifference for the improvement. Regardless of my preferences, the users' preference for Blu-ray makes it a self-evident success for those who want the improvement. Larger disk = higher resolution video.

The flaw in all this is when Blu-ray gets sold as a games format. You've clearly seen it before when I show that games don't need allegedly "uncompressed" sound or high-resolution textures to sound and look awesome. But if you want to throw well-reasoned logic out the window and call me a troll... be my guest.

Also, be my guest to walk into the Open Zone and call every snark-aholic, Sony-loving fanboy there a troll. They are much more deserving than I...

Elven63463d ago

Honest question, what about 3D DVD movies? Or are those different?


"PROFFESIONAL" Analysts in november 2006:

"bluray is doomed.
bluray is not needed.
bluray will not benefit gamers.
cell cant provide high def graphics.
rsx is useless when compared to 360 gpu
rambus ram is useless, ddr3 is better
playstation3 is doomed.
bluetooth is useless.
ps3 is not futureproof.
ps3 games will always look like garbage in comparison to 360.
Sony failed and will step out of console development/ market."

LOL. what happened?

CadDad3463d ago

Actually with this technology you could have a co-op game being broadcast separately, one per channel. Each user wears the appropriate glasses to see their screen. Or split the feed to two screens for co-op or competitive games.

Fun stuff.


Dimitri3463d ago


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Bladestar3463d ago

So, 3D is not compatible with my 1TB hard drive?... lol! right...

kaelix3463d ago

this is talking about blu ray disks... not hard drives o.o and what?

nightelfmohawk3463d ago

Our The Sony is triumphant once again! XD

UltimateIdiot9113463d ago

Now now, it isn't just Sony's victory. There are a lot of other companies in the association. Microsoft is welcome, all they need to do is leave their pride at the door.

nightelfmohawk3463d ago

Sony wins for the time being since it's the only console with blu-ray. If blu-ray becomes the official standard for 3D movies, you can bet it will also be the official standard for 3D games. :)

edgeofblade3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

I agree with UltimateIdiot911 in principle...

...but HD DVD did not "belong" to Microsoft the same way Sony owned Blu-ray. That's a undeniable fact. You'll just look silly trying to rub Microsoft's face in it because it's not theirs to have their face rubbed in it. Sony beat TOSHIBA, not Microsoft. Microsoft's so called pride has nothing to do with it.

In fact, I think Sony and supporters wish Microsoft had some pride so they would have something to bruise. It actually doesn't fit into a fanboy argument as well as you wish it did.


AND I couldn't disagree more with nightelfmohawk. You don't make 3D games with more data. You make 3D games with a combination of display technology and rendering two camera views as quickly as possible. 3D Movies are two sets of pictures filmed or pre-rendered, while a 3D game is rendered in realtime. Again, two COMPLETELY different issues.

Baka-akaB3463d ago

Why for the time being ? They are one of the owners of the format ... they wins period .
Do you think that if microsoft or nintendo ends up using them they'll care ? it's more money .

There are plenty instance where Sony and microsoft use each others products and are even in some form of partnership .
They only wage war against each other on two main front : consoles and mobile phone

nightelfmohawk3463d ago

Because M$ could always cough up the license fees and bring out a bul-ray add on for the 360 or build the Xbox 720 with blu-ray.

Baka-akaB3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

And ???
It's more money like i said .
And by the time they eventually decide this , they already made the most of it by being the first console using it . Hell it's one of the ps3's tagline .

Why would Sony they care by the xbox 720p or 2048 ? It's obvious that both MS and nintendo will ditch the simple dvds eventually for something bigger , and for that there are a few choices :
-go for the blu ray
-forget physical media and go digital
-go for yet another new type of disc .

If MS and nintendo later chose blu-ray it actually benefits Sony far more than the alternatives that get them nothing .

heroicjanitor3463d ago

Sony Ericsson just released a phone with windows mobile on it, called xperia or something.

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nightelfmohawk3463d ago

And that's why it's "for the time being" like you asked. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Baka-akaB3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Lol cheap way out imo :p , there will always be a new format someday ...You basically said "they win for the time being because the only consoles with blu ray " ... My argument is again that they wins whatever material ends up using it after the ps3 .

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