PS3 is UbiSoft's top sales generator for 2008

UbiSoft's 2008 fiscal year just came to a close on March 31, and the multi-national developer released their preliminary stock holder report. Surprisingly, the PS3 was the top sales generator of the 3 home consoles for UbiSoft at 20%. The XBox 360 and Wii followed closely behind, however, at 19% and 18% respectively. Year-on-year, the PS3 was stagnant, remaining at the aforementioned 20%, while the XBox 360 fell 7% and the Wii rose 7% from the 2007 fiscal year.

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Anon19743464d ago

PS3: 20%, 360: 19% and Wii: 18%.
Quite surprising when you consider the 360 has 8 million more consoles out there and the Wii has almost 30 million. EA's numbers show much the same thing. The fact that it's close at all is kinda mind boggling.

Pennywise3464d ago

You know... anyone who think the 360 is 8 million ahead is wrong. If you think the 8mil gap of reported consoles has nothing to do with broken units you are wrong. (Not talking directly to you Dark).

People claim PS3 is being sold for Bluray playback, but come on... how can the PS3 net all of these developers more money over a self proclaimed "hardcore" console that has a self proclaimed 8 million unit lead.

Please make sense of it to me.

GWAVE3464d ago

Yep. EA, Ubisoft, and other companies are all saying the same thing: the PS3 is the most profitable. Of course, 360 sales nerds will ignore this and keep screaming "installed base! Installed base!"

Anon19743463d ago

Don't you have to take a test or something before you can approve articles? Some people should take it again.

soxfan20053463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

I suppose an easy explanation could be if Ubisoft's 2008 PS3 exclusive - Haze - was more profitable than their 360 exclusive - Naruto. Makes sense because Haze was heavily hyped, while Naruto is a niche game. All other games were multi-platform. Besides, one or two developers (out of dozens) reporting a 1 percent difference in profits is hardly enough information to draw any meaningful conclusions.

morganfell3463d ago

The PS3 has been outselling the 360 in Europe which is a big territory for Ubisoft. With games such as Uncharted 2, MAG, inFamous, and continued Killzone 2 sales that gap will grow. PS3 price cut will be a huge blow to Microsoft.

locos853463d ago

I guess Microsoft charges more to publish a game on its console per game than Sony...... I can't think of any other reason Sony is top for all these companies.

Pennywise3463d ago

locos... lies. There is another reason. Lies.

raztad3463d ago


To be fair, dont forget about piracy. To be able to play "backup" games is a plus that always increase console appeal, but is against healthy software sales.

Christopher3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Royalty fees for the 360 are much higher than those for the PS3. It gets even worse if you have to go multi-disc since the royalty fee is per disc, not all inclusive (not including 'bonus features' discs, which aren't charged for royalty fees).

Now, having said that, it's also because PS3 sales have increased in general, with the the PS3 inching closer to the 360's sale rates each year. I wouldn't put much money on Haze being the reason since it hasn't sold 1 million units yet and has been at $20 price for many months now, though Broken Bond has only sold about half a million to-date, but not at the price cut that Haze experienced less than a month after release.

This is why Rockstar's last fiscal year showed a higher profit with the PS3 than the 360 as well. Same with a few other companies, but I forget their names.

Sarcasm3463d ago

It's quite simple. In order to play a PS3 game, you either have to buy it or rent it.

In order to play a 360 or Wii game, you either have to download it, rent it, or buy it.

And those modded 360 owners will definitely not buy it or rent it.

That's all I have to say.

JokesOnYou3463d ago

Of course you have to look at the type of games released by Ubisoft. PS3 sales didn't improve at all and 360 sales declined 7% and still is neck and neck with ps3 sales with just 1% less, which imo is directly related to the type of games released in 2008.= There wasnt any popular game released for the 360 fanbase so obviously sales will decline. I'm sure Ubisoft is aware a game like SC: Conviction will do well on 360 since the fanbase is really anticipating that game.


silvacrest3463d ago


360 fanboys want to believe modded 360's are not a huge problem but i disagree

a friend of mine bought a cheap arcade 360, bought a second hand hard drive, got his 360 modded for £20, bought £11 worth of DVD's and can now download and play ANY 360 game for FREE, he can even play online (hes yet to be banned) and best of all hes yet to ever buy a game

considering the cost of the modding and DVD's combined dont even equal a full price game, its easy to see why people do this

RememberThe3573463d ago

And still the 360 fanboys will deny this... They'll keep up the garbage about PS3 owners not buying games and again, as they did last year, they'll ignore these number or say that they are accurate.

commodore643463d ago

I have to admit it is quite noteworthy that Ubisoft is showing a 1% lead!

ok, sorry for the sarcasm, but it stands to reason that we must view this in the proper context.

For example:

-EA reports that the 360 routinely outsells the ps3. Quite often, the ps3 and ps2 combined!

-Activision reports that the 360 routinely outsells the ps3.

-Take two reports that the 360 routinely outsells the ps3.

... and there are so many more.
....Google is your friend, people.


ultimolu3463d ago

All Sony has to do is generate more profit so they can safely drop the price.

Psssh, people buy the PS3 for bluray.

I pity people who said that.

cayal3463d ago

It will be interesting if Splinter Cell stays exclusive.

N4g_null3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

The 360 has proven it has 9 million hardcore players with the sales of halo3. The PS3 has yet to prove such a thing. What is the highest selling game on the PS3? Another thing is what do you still play that is from ubisoft? There games have been pretty forgettable across the board. It's true the 360 may have inflated numbers due to replacements but the game sales are not showing up this way with publishers.

Another thing is why does this matter so much? It doesn't make your games any more fun than they already are. Hey I don't like halo 3 all that much either but even I have to respect 8 million copies sold and gears of war selling what 6 million? I'd be pretty pi$$ off at my fellow ps3 owners if they did not have metal gear, uncharted, killzone2 and other hyped must have PS3 games that did not sell crazy amounts. I wonder if the people not buying these games even know about them?

- Ghost of Sparta -3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Sorry to bring this up (I'm not really sorry actually) but it's pretty funny that the PS3 makes more money for Ubisoft EVEN when the 360 has sold tons more hardware. Talk about useless.

N4g_null3463d ago

- Ghost of Sparta - it also sells more movies. The whole we make a hardcore only system is just PR talk console are for gamers of any kind. I think the HD guys will figure that out this gen since they are new to that concept.

Anon19743463d ago

The last 4 quarters EA reported showed revenue for the 360 totaling 700 million, the PS3 at 610 million and the PS2 at $410 million. Considering that the 360 allegedly has 30% more consoles out there, don't you think it's revenue should be more than 15% different between the PS3 and the 360? Also, there were quarters last year were the PS3 handily outsold the 360.

For last year, Activision reported 15% of their revenue came from the Wii, 13% from the 360 and 9% from the PS3. Again almost neck and neck.

And as for Take Two - 2008 had 360 revenue for them at $480 million, PS3 at $410 million. Again, only about a 15% difference.

You know I can use google too. The differences aren't that great considering the difference in user base. You can bet developers are taking note. Per console the PS3 simply brings in more money.

DaTruth3463d ago

You cannot play a modded 360 on live, so it makes sense that many people would buy more than one 360 so they can play online and modded games. Unless there is some way to turn the mod off, or if regular games can still be played. if so, disregard this post.

Also, I doubt many people are sending modded 360's back to MS after RROD, so that is another reason for replacement.

360 had a price cut exactly 3 years after launch and then saw better sales. 360 has a 3 year warranty. Quite a coincidence.

CyberCam3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

You can actually play a modded 360 & pirated games on live! I have 2 dozen friends that have not paid for a game in over a year and play on "XBLive" all the time. They tease me all the time because I only own a PS3 and I have to purchase or rent all my games!

Only a couple of them have been caught (because they played a title before it was released). They just go and purchase another 360 and do it all over again. The general consensus I get is, you can't play titles before their release date, that's a high risk of you getting caught (even if your not connected to "XBLive").

Xelai3463d ago

I love this site full of frikking geniuses that know zill about everything. Reason REVENUE is up for PS3 is the same one Sony has for not making a price cut sooner.


Thats it, EURO is much higher than the pound, dollar and yen.
Stop making nice little castles in the sky and think with that useless thing god gave you on top of your neck.

commodore643463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Darkie, we have been over this before.
There are so many holes in your reasoning, i am not sure i can begin to cover it all.

here's the quarter i was referring to:
EA Q2FY2009, the 360 outsold BOTH ps3 and ps2 COMBINED by about $70 million.
Just imagine, PS2 and PS3 had a combined install base of 160 Million, yet were absolutely trounced by the 360 at 28 million installed.

You asserted that:"Per console the PS3 simply brings in more money"
Absolutely ludicrous!

The problem with your assertions, darkie, is that you use data from 1,2 or maybe 3 developers to make your point.

In fact, before you make sweeping generalisations such as the above, you should assess the ENTIRE gaming market, not just your favourite cherry-picks.

Fact is, MS has posted continually higher attach rates than Sony has posted.
Yes, that's a fact.

Don't you think that maybe MS and Sony have access to complete worldwide sales data that you simply don't, or worse, have failed to consider, while you make your point?

Is it not reasonable to assume that MS and Sony consider the ENTIRE gaming market when they calculate and publish said attach rates?

Isn't it possible that you wish your above contradictory statement to be true so much that you really only consider those numbers that fit with your cognitive bias?

Xelai3463d ago

Dont forget a game costs 70 euros in continental europe usually that is around $95.

In the UK would be 63 GBP.

So, we add up where in the world the PS3 has the biggest installed base, versus where the 360 has it, and voila, magic! Everything fits!

OGharryjoysticks3463d ago

bu...but the PS3 is dying and is dead.

fenix13003463d ago

you first blast Dark for using a limited number of sources and then turn around and use one example.

secondly would higher attach rates logically lead to lower sales??? I mean if your having sooo much fun with COD4 there really wouldn't be any reason to go pick up COD5. lastly if your going to argue a point for gods sake don't tell other people to research for evidence that supports your point, I mean come on that is possibly the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

"Isn't it possible that you wish your above contradictory statement to be true so much that you really only consider those numbers that fit with your cognitive bias?"
LOL its like you have never seen or heard a politician speak!!! if you haven't figured out by the first part of my comment that's exactly what your doing.

Anon19743463d ago

Seriously, you have no idea how much revenue the 360, Wii, or PS3 bring into every single developer that makes software for them anymore than I do. All I can do is take samples of some of the bigger ones and extrapolate from there. I hardly think picking Activision, EA and Ubisoft - three of the biggest publishers in the world is cherry picking.

As for attach rates, those are just PR tools that Microsoft started throwing around. Do a google search on attach rates and you'll find an interesting article about "the dark side" of attach rates, and why Microsoft's claims to high attach rates are a source of concern longterm.

Also, what was Microsoft's attach rate just over 2 years in? About 6.5? What's the PS3's attach rate right about now? About the same, I'll wager.

End of the day, you can debate attach rates all you want but the revenue each system is generating for the developers isn't in question.


TheRealSpy023463d ago

you know i'm so tired of this console "war"

first of all, why the hell is this a top article?

week after week 360 comes out on top on these software sales reports and what do ps3 fanboys constantly troll on the forums? "sales don't matter!!"

suddenly we hear ps3 came out on top for ubisoft and now the ps3 fanboys won't stfu.

i'm sorry ps3 guys, i don't mean to say you're ALL complete hypocrites, but lets be honest: it doesn't matter what news we get on n4g, it's always going to mean ps3 is the greatest thing to happen to gaming...EVER. i like my ps3 too, but can't we just like our system without being jerks about everything? you can't brag about sales this week after saying 'sales don't matter' last week.

and btw...who gives a sh!t about sales?

Argento-Nox3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

@Xelai and Commodore64

The bottom line isn't units sold, it's total revenue that matters to game developers. Seeing as Rockstar, EA, Bandai-Namco have all said in the last 1-2 years that PS3 is their "Bread and Butter", it's no surprise that Ubisoft is mimicking what's been said by other companies since last year.

There's an obvious reason (above) why a company like Bandai-Namco is releasing TOV on the PS3 later this year, while giving PS3 exclusives like Ace Combat 7 and Katamari. Take into consideration that games like Madden/Tigerwoods/Guitar Heroes/Rockband etc. still get new versions on the PS2/PSP, the Sony PS brand as whole is doing well for game publishers.

I hate to break to some of you guys, but games like Guitar Heroes/Rockband/GTA have the PS1/PS2 to thank for their popularity, while grossing more revenue than the 360/Wii/PS3 may ever make with those titles. PS3 is just continuing where the PS2 left off (God bless you PS2, your the little engine that could (;_;), may you rest in peace......whenever that may be. No worries, your little brother PSP will take over).

Clap Your Hands3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

"Take-Two list the Playstation 3 as its biggest revenue generator on the publishing side, with 35% of the quarterly take. That beats out the Xbox 360, which brought in 28% of its publishing dollars, and the Wii, at 11%"

Namco Bandai and Konami (and EA):
"According to the latest sales reports from Namco Bandai, Konami, Ubisoft and EA, the Playstation 3 is actually selling more titles than the Xbox 360 despite having a smaller install base"

TheRealSpy023462d ago

i am so sorry for you.

you have taken fanboyism to a whole new level.

the only way i could take any of what you said seriously is if i thought you were intending to be sarcastic or ironic.

but after reading more carefully, there's no questions. you're beyond're a slave.

how do you have any bubbles? let alone that many

Argento-Nox3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )


Hahaha...are you serious? If you think I'm the most serious fanboy out there, you obviously are new to N4G, ill-informed or both. If anything, I'm blunt yet honest with my comments. If you've seen my comments before, I've mentioned several times before that Nintendo is wiping the floor with the competition this gen. If my comments come off remotely "fanboyish", prove me wrong or STFU!

Nothing I've seen is wrong, merely facts. GTA's best selling game is on the PS2 and it's popularity started on the PS1, in fact most of the best selling GTA games are on one platform ---> PS2. Rockband/Guitar Heroes didn't get popular on the xbox1, it did so on the PS2 where the userbase was infinitely larger, yet generally casual enough to play the game.

Are you discounting what 3rd companies themselves have said about PS3 being their largest source of revenue? You may not even take the PSP comments seriously, yet it's sold 50+ million units which is more than 360 and PS3 unit sales combined.

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sonarus3464d ago

Just release splinter cell for PS3 and everyone can be happy. This is assuming you have gone back to traditional splinter cell and not open world assasins creed type crap

solidjun53464d ago

Splinter cell is a huge franchise for Ubisoft. You would think it would be multiplatform.

LinuxGuru3463d ago

I miss Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory.

G4Chicks3463d ago

Chaos Theory was the bomb D!

MaximusPrime3463d ago

I want to see sc on ps3. I love it on xbox. Now i cant play them anymore because i sold the malfunctioning junk.

JD_Shadow3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Unless MS is doing what they usually do with third parties, I don't see why not.

[email protected]: I agree. This is the Playstation 3 we're talking about, not the Atari Jaguar.

morganfell3463d ago

Unless there was a payoff from Microsoft Splinter Cell will be on the PS3. It may not happen at launch but it will happen. It isn't like the PS3 is one of those consoles with only a few titles coming.

siyrobbo3463d ago

third party exclusives just dont make sense

callahan093463d ago

Not to mention that no Splinter Cell game has ever been even remotely exclusive. Why start now, making Splinter Cell on the 360 exclusively? Really doesn't make sense if you ask me.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3463d ago

However, open world games require high density discs because they need instant streaming. So if they need anything, it is Blu-ray. The fact that it is appearing on Xbox 360 (regardless of its exclusivity status) instantly rings the *gimped* alarm.

aaron58293463d ago

Ubisoft said SC Conviction cannot be done on PS3, too much to be done on screen, the cell will melt !



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tdrules3463d ago

its clearly because of Haze guys >__<
just kidding, not going to offend anyone, im a ps3 owner, dont own a 360.

shadowfox3463d ago

i actually thought that at first, but then i remembered ubisoft published the 360 exclusive naruto game too.

Da One3463d ago

Far Cry on the 360 didn't didn't smash out the PS3 version and also the 360 had a Naruto game exclusive to them

meaning where is all the extra ps3 revenue coming from?

Do games in europe cost more

callahan093463d ago

The PS3 had an exclusive Naruto game as well. (Ultimate Ninja Storm) Came out in November 2008.

Da One3463d ago

the one the 360 got was by Ubisoft. That's why i mentioned it

callahan093463d ago

Oh OK, I was unaware that the PS3 game wasn't published by Ubisoft. My mistake!

kwicksandz3463d ago

Yes games in EU cost more than their US counterparts.

Another thing to consider is that sometimes a ps3 version of a multiplat title will cost more than the 360 version. This has been the case with DMC4, Burnout paradise and a few other titles, which may lead to ubi's strange position of profiting more on PS3.

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Omega43463d ago

So this is why 1st party games dont sell incredibly, its because PS3 owners are too busy buying 1% more multiplaform games than the 360

Everything is so clear now

DJ3463d ago

Math: -5
Spin: +2 (for effort)

PirateThom3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Good spin.

B+, for sure.

Guess the "hardware advantage" doesn't matter when publishers can sell more on PS3.

360 owners don't buy games, obviously.


Omega43463d ago

If 360 owners dont buy games why is it the 360 has the highest attach rate?

TheColbertinator3463d ago

Holy crap Omega4,stop setting yourself up

I don't know why you were trying to spin this when the answer is easily understood.PS3 sold more units than the 360 from the game Haze

PirateThom3463d ago

Haze - a game that, by all accounts, barely managed half a million
A console with the highest attach rate and a supposed 7m lead


Christopher3463d ago

At least he didn't _try_ to argue with you Pirate :p

Sarcasm3463d ago

"So this is why 1st party games dont sell incredibly, its because PS3 owners are too busy buying 1% more multiplaform games than the 360"

bu bu bu but...

oh the insecurity is ridiculous

gambare3463d ago

"Omega4 - 18 minutes ago
4.3 -
If 360 owners dont buy games why is it the 360 has the highest attach rate? "

because they buy the console to flash it and then download illegal copies to play it on those consoles, that's why the 360 sells more consoles but very few games.

Omega43463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

oooohhhhh so the only reason it got 1% more is because of an exclusive called Haze

I wonder what it would be like if the PS3 didnt have Haze?? hhmmm



DJ3463d ago

Customer: "So, what's your guys' console sales figures?"

Omega: "...We don't talk about that. We have a high attach rate."

Customer: "Uhh, I don't care about that. How many software units did you sell last year?"

Omega: "We don't like to talk about that either. Just know...that we have high attach rates all around."

Customer: "Are you full of crap?"

heyheyhey3463d ago

"oooohhhhh so the only reason it got 1% more is because of an exclusive called Haze"

yeah and? 360 had Naruto... both sold averagely

and i thought PS3 owners didn't buy games at all?

Sony Rep3463d ago

The 360 only has a higher attach ratio in NA because its been out longer as reported by NPD.

The PS3 sells more software everywhere else.

Aikuchi3463d ago

Were talking about a billion dollar corporation, 1% in sales can account for millions of dollars in revenue. UbiSoft only cares about the bottom line and that 1% could effect further development decisions.

DaTruth3463d ago

Wrong! according to 360 fanboys, a flop is 1 million in a month, so average sales would have to be 1 million in a day. Good sales is Halo!!

xxBATTLECATxx3463d ago

so do we still care about sales now.....or no? im sorry, im lost, i dunno where i left my fanboy goggles manual.