Gamespot: MAG Feature Interview

MAG is the next game from Zipper Interactive, featuring 256 players in a single multiplayer session. Gamespot speaks to key members of its development staff.

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QuackPot3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

But will have alot of competition from Arma2 and OFP2 - admittedly with less numbers online.

But the game will need a large variety of vehicles like it's competition has.

Would have been neat had they started developing MAG with the Warhawk engine and improved upon that. Vehicles and large maps guaranteed.

I have a suspicion there wont be any usable aircraft.

Quote: "Orders are just suggestions"

They better be as I'm a loner and rebel online. Incentives of extra XP for obeying orders is good idea but forget not the many Rambos we have out there.

Shaka2K63461d ago

256 players only possible on Sony PS3.

how many players is Grays of war 1.5 again ???

exactly Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!