Gamespot: MAG Hands-On Impressions

The 256-player online shooter originally announced as MAG: Massive Action Game has since had its name trimmed of the cut-and-dry subtitle, but the scope of the game remains just as enormous as when news of its existence first broke at E3 2008. For Sony and developer Zipper Interactive, the team behind the bulk of the SOCOM series, that means living up to some pretty lofty claims. After visiting Zipper's Redmond, Washington studio last week for a chance to meet with staff and go hands-on with MAG, it looks as though they're well on their way to living up to those promises.

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table3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

but I don't like the final paragraph;

"If you were hoping for MAG to turn the fundamentals of the first-person shooter genre on its ear, you'll likely wind up disappointed"

Only on a ps3 shooter would they end on something like this. Since when has any FPS in the past 10years re-invented the genre... I bet they don't say this in the MW2 preview.

SIX3463d ago

reading all of the previews. They all played in the same match and it's really cool getting a different perspective from all of the guys that got a chance to play it. I just finished reading igns and they where in charge of protecting some vehicles. The preview I read before that had the group trying to take control of those vehicles. Over all it looks like this game will be a hit when it comes out. PS3 is really impressing as of late. I'm glad I own one.

aksmashh3463d ago

Its Like No One Bothers To Comment On Them
The Articles Are Not That Well Written Anyway