The Conduit storyline trailer

SEGA has sent out a story trailer for the upcoming Wii shooter.

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ChickeyCantor3459d ago

Well...that was epicly put together, now lets hope its really that good =D.

Seferoth753458d ago

Very nice. At least it isnt some war based shooter we've all seen a thousand times. Also nice to see the visiuals in the game. They look amazing. Never saw anything even close to that on PS2. Finally someone managed to use more than just a 3rd of Wiis power.

TheBand1t3458d ago

Well, the Wii is a next-gen system. I should like to think that it has better Graphics than the PS2, which is what? 10 years old? :/

kesvalk3458d ago

sure hope the A.I. is good and the story is more shoot that, kill this...

N4g_null3458d ago

The Ai will kick your a$$ believe me! They really do work together and there is not oh I'm hiding don't come over here game play.

I mean they are getting their epic on and this trail shows they have studied half life also. It's a nice mix of a lot of things. This with the game play will put smiles on a lot of face till you go online and get shot in that same face... online is going to be drag down beat down crazy!!! I'm looking forward to it!

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