Iowa State University Respond To ESA Criticisms

Speaking exclusively to IncGamers, Dr. Gentile said the response from the ESA was both inaccurate and unfounded.

Dr. Gentile's most recent findings were slated when the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) president, Michael Gallagher, claimed the findings were "based on flawed methodology," and that the report was "not truly representative of a national population group," as the report was based on a "convenience" sample.

"The ESA are trying to give the perception that there was something wrong with the study."

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thetamer3458d ago

Now the Dr has responded, we'll have ot wait and see what the ESA say to the findings.

syrinx3458d ago

ESA getting it wrong. Surely not!

Fyzzu3458d ago

They're not *that* bad...

Fyzzu3458d ago

Wow. That's quite a firm rebuttal.