MotorStorm: Arctic Edge New Screenshots

Eurogamer Portugal has released some new screenshots of the MotorStorm: Arctic Edge for PlayStation Portable.

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Mandaspt3511d ago

Seems a great game. 2009 the PSP year?

pain777pas3511d ago

You're right and if they nail the game play on the PSP plus online play. Sold! This will replace Burnout legends and Ridge Racer....... for a while I hope.

Supercalifragili3511d ago

Let unleash the beast inside the PSP. By the way great game this Motorstorm arctic.

cryymoar3511d ago

but no motion sensing :(
i can never play motorstorm without motion sensing.

should be a great game.
I may buy ANOTHER PSP since Sony is pushing all of these great games now.

LeShin3511d ago

The psp really is a beast!

Dacapn3511d ago

This game has better graphics than just about every wii game. Hilarious.

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The story is too old to be commented.