Disturbing Bio-Shock Trailer

Witness one of the most disturbing hospitals you'll ever step foot into...

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Drew4761d ago

Developers, take a hint. We need more videos like these!

kornbeaner4761d ago

But i rather just get for my PC instead. It's gonna be $10 cheaper that way.


I think this'll probabbly be going to PS3... :( considering the current state of take 2

Maldread4761d ago

Yeah i think it will eventually be on PS3, but it`ll be a timed exclusive for the 360 (not counting the PC here), and that isn`t bad for Microsoft.

The game looks great every time it`s shown, and could end up like a hit if the gameplay can match

BBsin4761d ago

...but i've seen creepier and more disturbing hospitals in silent hill and new jersey

r10004761d ago


Hey I live in NJ... LOL

to bad this game is yet another FPS... I would have been all over it if it was 3rd person atleast...

chitown4761d ago

this game gives me chills i want it so [email protected] bad. when is it coming out? like summer or something?