Star Trek Online executive producer Craig Zinkievich discusses ship customization

The concepts behind Star Trek need no introduction to its legion of fans well-versed in the various films and TV incarnations of this particular sci-fi IP. Given how zealous science fiction fans can be about continuations, offshoots, or reboots of their favorite properties, we've been curious about how well Star Trek Online will match up with player expectations, especially given the disappointment some Trekkie gamers have had with older Star Trek titles of the non-MMO variety.

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WhittO3485d ago

id really like to play this but im not going to pay a monthly fee!!

Godmars2903485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Am I the only Trek fan not looking forward to this game?

Dragonopolis3485d ago

If your a fan of the genre and the gameplay is good I pay a small monthly fee. The fee didn't seem to stop WoW from growing into a massive community. Plus that money eventually feeds back into the game. Of course the game play and system have to be well established for it to work but I have been following pretty closely and it seems the game is really getting some love from the developers.

Can't wait.