Sigma: Constant 60 FPS, 1080P & Real Time Self-Shadowing..."Never Been Done"

In a Q&A interview with Team Ninja game dev Yosuke Hayashi he states the following in response to a question ask to him by Gamepro.

GamePro: Can you talk about the overall graphics and what people can expect technically from Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the PS3?

Yosuke: It's not so much that we brought the game over to the PS3 as it is we more or less are recreating Ninja Gaiden with the most up-to-date graphic techniques in order to take advantage of the hardware. In order to have this be a great experience for both people who are new to the series as well as those who've enjoyed it since the beginning, we want to provide an experience that looks totally new and fresh. One of the best ways to do that was to have a game that runs at a 1080p with a constant 60 fps, and utilizes real-time self-shadowing. No other game as accomplished all three of these goals at once.

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eques judicii4314d ago

while i don't doubt that they will get to 1080p, it kinda seemed like he dodged actually confirming that sigma will be there... i'm sure it will, but it seems like he used an odd choice of words. maybe i just wanted a "ninja gaiden sigma will run at 60 fps at 1080p"

do i ask too much?

GaMr-4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

They pull that off and this maybe the best looking game to hit a next gen console soo far.

@ Violator: 46 Inch Sony Bravia XBR.... the only way to Next-Gen So yes 1080P would get the blood flowing. I love to see what I spent my 3 grand on... well I already do. But I want to see

Fan Tastic4313d ago

Will there be an add on ram pack or something to make this work?

DJ4313d ago

high bandwidth between the CPU and GPU, as well as some other aspects I won't get into since they usually start flame wars. However, if you want to learn more, just send me a PM and I'll tell you (and others) some really cool tech stuff.

BlackIceJoe4314d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

But if Sigma ends up with 1080P I think that will be sweet.

Violater4314d ago

i don't have a 1080p tv do you?
:( goodnight

fenderputty4313d ago

People with 480/1080 only sets should also be happy. This game looks like it's gonna rock.

Athlon4313d ago

They already pulled it off according to's preview several days ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.