1UP: MAG Hands-On Preview

1UP writes:

"There's mayhem on the battlefield. Zipper Interactive has just thrown another batch of green recruits into a 128-player session of their upcoming supersized first-person shooter, MAG, and all hell has broken loose. We pour in from the edge of a huge map, coming out of lightly forested hills into a dense military-industrial complex peppered with bunkers, antiaircraft guns, and 64 enemy combatants.

Our goal is ostensibly to infiltrate the enemy base, steal a pair of heavy-duty vehicle prototypes, and get the hell out of Dodge. But most of us are too busy trying to get a sense of the sheer size of the environment we're fighting in to pay much attention to mission objectives right now."

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snaz273463d ago

i think this game is gonna supply some awesome battles and heve really deep gameplay i just cant wait for it! only thing is my mrs is expecting in august! man where am i gonna get the time? lol... if anyone is interested in mag read this its bound to get you hyped.

Gray23463d ago

This sounds so legit. I loved playing battlefield 1942 and vietnam so this seems like a true next step