Halo 3: Warthog Preview. (New screens!) has a new feature on the Warthog in Halo 3. New screens, specs, and remarks from the field after the jump.

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Drew4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

Oh, and by the way, here's the cryptic message found in the Quicktime animation:

x.xx.713>ghost.713/non-aut h/activity ongoing

As to what it actually means is anyone's guess.

eques judicii4754d ago

maybe some big announcement on july 13th?? that would be my guess... maybe the start of the beta, but that seems a bit late considering they said spring. Anyhow, the screenies of the warthog at the bottom look a helluva lot better than those shots we saw from the prealpha...

highps34753d ago

This is what people are supposed to spend $120.00 on? please...

grifter0244754d ago

Doesnt spring end in August? This really doesnt say anything different from what everyone knows... Except the whole Snow one and the 4 passanger... Hopefully I dont see that on Skirmish only in bigteam battle... I dont wanna see a whole team in one Hog someone shoots a rocket and gets a killtac.... It would be dumb... I dont like how they keep saying alot of info I would rather have no clue going into halo3 of what to expect but what can you do...??

Drew4754d ago

Last time I checked, August was the end of Summer, and the beginning of Fall.

As for the ghost thing, maybe you're right. I remember ghosting operating systems onto PC's from a network when I was younger. Maybe they'll be ghosting the Halo 3 Beta onto our HDD's? ;)

The BS Police4753d ago

The Snowhog and the passenger Hog were old prototypes that Bungie revieled long before Halo 2's release, sadly (along with the ATV) never served a real purpose gameplay wise in Halo 2, so they removed them.

Hres the old render.

Spud0064754d ago

I didn't know that the weapons on the Warthog were going to be detachable. That is pretty cool. And I wonder what the wench on the one version would be used for? The pics of it look realllllly good though. (drool) MMMmmm...

The BS Police4753d ago

The Grunts better run, lol.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4753d ago

about a Micro$oft game, DAMN unbelievable. 8~0

Marriot VP4753d ago

looks pretty snazy, still need to see it in motion though. Also I hope they have different skins for different environments like snow and jungle. This one would just look out of place.

My guess is that they'll keep showing little shots and tidbits like this till E3, were they'll show ANOTHER INGAME trailer.

Drew4753d ago

One could only hope, eh?

Hopefully we'll have the Beta before then, though.

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The story is too old to be commented.