Resolution: Terrorism in videogames

Resolution discusses the notion and presentation of terrorism in videogames.

From the article:
"Whatever we may be led to believe by the so-called "War on Terror", terrorism as a tactic is not new. The attacks on New York City and elsewhere in September 2001 might be said to have kick-started a new era of political/religious violence, but the idea of using non-military assassinations, bombings, kidnappings, and so on to try to effect political change dates back hundreds of years at the least. Similarly, the depiction of terror in videogames is not a post-9/11 phenomenon, even if it can be said to have grown in popularity since that time. From Counter-Strike to Soldier of Fortune, terrorists have long been among the lesser pantheon of classic videogame antagonists, even if their unconventional real-life habits made them less fashionable in games than Nazis, Soviets, zombies, aliens, or oppressive space-regimes."

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