Famitsu Sales: 04/20 - 04/26

DSL 5800
DSi 37000
PSP 39000
Wii 20000
PS3 21000
PS2 4800
360 5100

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PSP25420d ago

PSP outsells everything in Japan

CrazzyMan5420d ago

Not yet, BUT later PSP support from Japan and Western developers is really impressive. That should definitely push PSP ahead in Japan.
Of`course, DS will have it`s DQIX.., but still, when there are so many PSP games incoming - http://www.neogaf.com/forum... - it`s better then just ONE big game. =)

Anyway, PS3 is already for 9 weeks ahead of Wii, very GOOD.
Killzone 2 made 43k first week, that over 100% increase from first week, which eventually may lead to over 100k sales in Japan. Since CoD 4 did only around 120k on PS3, that`s pretty good number for KZ2.

PS3 FTW! =)

chrisnick5420d ago

"buh buh kz2 teh no sell well as halo 3....kz2 for teh floppage"......idiots, this game is awesome.

gaffyh5420d ago

I'm kinda surprised that the Wii sales are low (obviously higher than last week), I expected MHG to make more of an impact.

ExcelKnight5420d ago

A four year old game's port bundled with a demo won't move new Wii units. None of the console versions of Monster Hunter sold very well compared to the PSP games.

Trevorthenerd5420d ago

wait till moster hunter 3 <3 (I'm so glad capcom made the right decision and made the game a wii exclusive instead of a ps3 one)

raztad5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )


Spot on dude.

MH is NOT a good selling game on consoles. Its home is the PSP. Japaneses just love to play the game together over an Adhoc connection. People should remember that with a much bigger installed base than Wii' s, MH on the ps2 didnt sell very well.

I expect DQ will be a more significant bump for Wii sales.


BTW, Im noticing the pretty good KZ2 figures and 360 horrible sales numbers. Idk why but Famitsu always calculate PS3 sales lower than Media Create.

Da One5420d ago

that none of the monster did well on home console and that a new for the PSP is coming soon

Capcom already has a back-up plan if this fails(which i hope it doesn't)

Anyway when the games is released over here or where your at I hope you support it and enjoy and not worry about the sales

gaffyh5420d ago

@excel - true, but the game came with a demo for Monster Hunter 3 didn't it? That's why I expected a huge jump, like FF13 demo with PS3

ThanatosDMC5420d ago

People should have waited for the new PSP Go! to come out before buying the older models. Oh well, probably the casuals that dont research before buying.

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PSP25420d ago

ps3>wii again just thought i should point that out i love my wii and my ps3

George Costanza5420d ago

The 360 is in a pretty unhealthy position, a better first party presence in the region should make things a bit better.

XxZxX5420d ago

Wada said "almost xenophobic" to you

Chubear5420d ago

R:fom has done over 140mill in JPN to date and though Halo3 did over 60mill it's 1st week in JPN, sales abruptly halted cause it's finding it hard to push past to the 80mill mark to date.

It's encouraging so I'm thinking KZ3 may likely do CoD4 or R:fom numbers on JPN for sure.

- YAY for potentially more Sequels ^-^

siyrobbo5420d ago


Im pretty sure you mean thousands not millions!

Omega45420d ago

At least one region doesnt worship the Wii, to think not even Monster Hunter could help it

Although JP is quite a small region, so i doubt Nintendo care that much especially when they got the rest of the world

Smacktard5420d ago

Yes, it's quite surprising that a port of a 5 year old game didn't help its sales. Incredible. I'm completely flabbergasted.

lloyd_wonder5420d ago

bubu but Monsta HuNTers wii!!

zoneofenders5420d ago

THAT'S WHY THEY put a controller and MH3 demo in it..........

Baka-akaB5420d ago

I doubt it's because the game is ignored , mostly because the console probably peaked among most "true gamers" .

Most non casual gamers that care about MH3 probably already got the console

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