Flight Control Sells Over 700,000 Copies writes:

"We all knew Firemint had sold tons of copies of Flight Control through the App Store - being that it was at the top position of the paid applications list for what seemed like an eternity - but the question was, just how many copies did they sell? Firemint decided that today was the day they would let us in on that important information, and all that can be said is… wow!

Flight Control had held the top position on the paid applications list at the U.S. App Store from March, 24 through April 25. During that period they were able to sell 587,485 copies worldwide of the popular game, but that is just for the time it was at the number one spot. Firemint estimates that Flight Control has sold over 700,000 copies to date."

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Odie3463d ago

To have that kind of success. Of course, dependent on how much time, effort, and cost one puts into a project.

dubbalubagis3463d ago

About $490,000 in less than two months, I want in!