3D: Why a new Xbox is coming sooner than later
This 3D (Dirty's Digital Diatribes) editorial is fairly straightforward... I predict the new Xbox, whatever it may be called, will be announced before years end and furthermore will be available sometime (probably second-half*) in 2010.

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Mike134nl3485d ago

Microsoft won't push for a new console before 2010, unless they expect that all their xbox 360 will die in 2010. Only new console that will be launched in 2010 will be a slim xbox 360.

Elven63485d ago

Agree, the Xbox 360 is making money, why on earth would they release anew console so soon? I guess if you buy into N4G fanboys who claim the 360 is maxed and nothing better could come from it...

DVD is the only issue in my mind but is it enough to release a new console?

morganfell3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Announcing a new console now with all of these Sony titles will only invite a flood of people to buy a PS3. People are not going to jump on a new console in the current financial situation when that console is an unknown.

Future 360 sales will die in a New York minute. In fact the day after the announcement the 360 will be a dead duck. I am sure all of the Software manufacturers will love you for that. Even if the games will play on the Xbox their sales likelihood will plummet like a rock.

MS has a history of dropping support for consoles and they also have a history of bad, faulty hardware so I am sure massive numbers of people will want that screwing again. No they will wait and see what happens.

A digital download only market isn't going to happen soon for numerous technical reasons and for a few social (trade in/ownership) reasons so MS will have to have a disc. DVD9 is dead so that means adopting Bluray and paying royalties on every single console sold. I am sure they want to go that route.

Does MS want to announce a new console then live with the fact that titles like Mass Effect and Splinter Cell will be premiering on their old console. Yeah that worked great for them last time. Quite frankly the software companies will not go for it nor will they want to continue support for the 360 when it will be viewed as Microsoft's old console.

So unless Microsoft is dumb enough to buy OnLive then I would say no to a new console. Even then they would just use the 360 as a portal for something that doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of working.

Does MS want to announce a new console when they are too worried about Windows 7 failing? No. No to a new console announcement.

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Lifendz3485d ago

Or will they discontinue support for it like they did the Xbox?

I tend to think they'll continue to support the 360. It is the console that made them mainstream and, argueably, gave them North America. I just hope they take the necessary time to test this next console to ensure it functions at acceptable standards before they release it.

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darthv723485d ago

you really despise the 360 don't you?

On topic, doubtful MS will announce a new console. I am betting they will announce a revised smaller slimmer 360. Maybe one with a top load drive that is quieter than the tray loader. In any event there will not be a next gen announcement from MS until sometime in 2011. That way they would have had their system on the market for nearly 6 years.

That is long enough to keep the horse in the race until it is time to send it out to pasture.

jadenkorri3485d ago

i predicted the only way ms will ever beat sony is releasing a new console every 4-5 years, half that of what sony plans on..

CrazzyMan3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

IF they release a new x720 by the end of 2010, then it will be something capable of PS3 graphics and all games will run at [email protected] + it will have BC for xbox and x360 and probably cost 399$ in best case, that still with losing some money on production. I don`t think, they can sell it for 499$, since after RROD, that first x360 model had it will be hard for M$ to attract consumers. Thouhg, I`m not sure, iF M$ want to continue losing money..., unless it will cost them only 399$ to produce.

It`s possible. But, that will be just an UPGRADE of x360.

While for releasing more powerful console in 2010, that would cost AGAIN a lot of money + Game production would rise even higher, than today.

However, by the end of 2010 it will be 5 years since x360 launch...

morganfell3485d ago

Darth, I do not despise the 360. It is just an inanimate object. I have one and I am honest about what it is. I prefer the superior expereince for the gamer and I do dislike focusing efforts on things that detract from the advancement of that experience. Instead of moving forward we get, "let's make bother versions the same!" That does not serve advancement.

last generation I had a PS2 but I supported the Xbox. Why? Superior technology can yield a superior experience.

It isn't about passion for an object and it isn't personal the way it is for that guy above and it is the reason I use the ignore button for such people. For someone that thinks we are wasting our time here he spent enough on this board already and not one shred of logic. No logic at all in his personal attack and just an adolescent attempt to beat a swear filter. Sure, that's objective and something I care to read. Not.

Instead I take the focus I do because I want the best experience a gamer can have and the 360 detracts from that possibility. When it came out it offered the best thing to be had but those days are over.

Thugbot1873485d ago

I can see Microsoft releasing a new Xbox 720 or whatever it will be called in 2010, if and only if they start to lose ground and they feel they have no way to stop the gain of the PS3. A new console would allow them to declare the 360 this generations console winner, at which point they could treat the 360 like the PS2.
I could see gamers hesitating in buying a PS3 at that point because they may go with the newer 720 because it’s newer and would be more powerful than the PS3 or hang on to their money and wait for the PS4, because you know it would be coming and I still see the PS3 being up there in price even though it would be cheaper than what we see today.

However they would be best to wait a little longer if they don’t want to use BLU RAY as there optical disc format. Also we have to see what impact technologies/services like OnLive will have on the game market.

y0haN3485d ago

"why on earth would they release anew console so soon?"

Gee I wonder what sort of money-losing problems MS might have still raping them of money..

ps3d03485d ago

I predict that idiot ps3 fanboys will keep predicting the next xbox will be release in a few months for years to come.

Chicago85063485d ago

if they did release another console, i guess it would b fair 2 say that, 360 was nothing more than a demo ov a console...heh.

morganfell3485d ago

One other note. Unless MS has some super secret factory producing titles then they wouldn't be expecting much for a 2010 launch as nothing has been whispered to companies at all concerning development of titles for a MS console launch in 2010. With the uncertainly of hardware and growing complexity such titles would already need to be in production if there is any hope of a launch that isn't DOA. With 3 first party studios MS can hardly build a launch array internally.

godofthunder103485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I'm tired of hearing article like this.The fact is that all 3 companies,nintendo,microsoft,a nd sony to already said that their new consoles will be out around 2012.The other fact is that dvd9 isn't a problem this generation.The fact is that out of every game that was developed they had less then 10 that needed 2 or more disc and that's a fact.In other words Microsoft knew that br or hd was really needed this generation and that's why they didn't put it in the 360.The people that say difference are just ps3 fanboys.The facts prove my point.

When the new systems are released in about 3 years they all might have something completely different.The fact is that they are getting ready to start selling 3d tvs already.The next systems probaly will have 3d gaming.If they do decide to go in that direction then halogric disc will be perfect for it.They said that 100 dvds could fit on 1 disc.They also said in a few years it will only be 10cents a gb or whatever they call it.The fact is that 3d will look better on holagric disc then br because they have a lot more room to work with.Ps3 fanboys are always saying that they hate to change disc,but they didn't mind it for the ps2 because it's sony.I wouldn't be surprise if they all went that way.It would be the best move for every one.I read a ps3 fanboy article and he said that holigraphic disc are outdated.I like to know how because you could put 100 dvds on 1 disc and only 4 on br.Ps3 fanboys need to stop being bias and act like every thing that sony does is better then anything else.The fact is that br sales are stalling and it will never reach the pick that dvds did.Like i said before holagrapic disc are 96 times better then br is.

pain777pas3485d ago

Microsoft will drop the 360 and they are in a serious situation. Sony is picking up huge steam with all their systems and WII is blowing them out the water. They have abandoned their first system about the 4 year mark and I believe that they will do the same. The biggest problem now is their 1st party development situation. They must address this soon because I am really losing faith I am glad I'm a gamer and get every system so I'm never left out in the cold. The 360 has done well and they can squeeze a little bit more out of it or get some devs to come up with something interesting cause Sony seems to be laying the smackdown and will rise with a price drop cause if you're a gamer than you know that the reveals of MAG, Infamous and Uncharted 2 look like some quality titles all confirmed for this year. Really for what MAG is it looks really good. Gameplay wise were gonna have to wait. I would love a game that looks realistic but plays loose and fun like Halo.

dcbronco3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

It will surely happen in 2011 if not. Microsoft has everything financially working in it's favor. Announcing a new console at this E3 wouldn't chase people away from the 360 if there was another price drop announced. With the new chip and more negotiations with suppliers, they could have the Arcade priced at $179 this year. It's funny that Morganfell believes announcing a new Xbox would kill the 360, I guess that's because history has shown the same thing with the PS3 and the ps2. With rumors a year or so ago that MS was looking into having third party manufacturers make the 360, they could move to a new console and make money from both.

Having games that scale with the new console would allow them to sell titles to both console users and give people a chance to update at their own pace. And MS would continue to support the 360 because it is profitable. But launching a new console they would push Sony during a market that would be extremely hard for Sony to compete in. As much as Sony fanboys hate to hear it, MS does have over 30 billion in cash reserves and no debt. They can push ahead whether Sony wants to or not. If they want to eliminate the competition, kick'em while they're down.

Saying MS will drop the 360 because of what happened with the original is show old. It is a comment made by people who have never looked into the reasons. Anybody who ran a company with half a brain would have done the same thing. They made mistakes and it was the only way to correct the problem.

commodore643485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

It is a bit funny reading all the 360 hate here.

Have you guys forgotten that the ps3 has lost $3.3+ billion?
Have you guys forgotten that year-on-year the ps3 sales have been going backwards for five months straight?
Have you guys forgotten that the ps3 is still in third place and likely to remain there?

Oh wait.
you haven't forgotten at all.

That's the fuel for why you guys hate the 360's success, right?

OGharryjoysticks3485d ago

Microsoft said this E3 is going to be bananas for them this year. Something about how they plan on changing home entertainment. Everybody who wants to try to believe the 360 is going to continue to be around for one reason or another is brainwashing themselves and is trying to brainwash you too if you will listen to them. Look, Microsoft NEVER ever planned on the 360 lasting more than a typical 4 to 5 year cycle so the money for development and all other related areas involved in releasing a new console have been accounted for already. But hey, just as a joke I'll go along and say the 360 has a 10 cycle if you want. If we're lucky maybe in year 9 they can fix it :)

Elvfam5113485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

do you seem to forget the rrod coverage and the lawsuits that still going on and i think the E74 coverage now for 3 years


#1: DVD9 is a wrong format in this gen . BLU Ray is opening eyes to developers to do alot on,massive things .. MAG ! 256 players
#2: Unrealiable hardware.( RROD and E74,OVER HEATING,DISC SCRATCHING,ETC)
#3: They lost alot of money trying to buy Japan love. 360 Hardware and software didnt do good as MS expected them too.
#4: The PS3. They never knew PS3 could do alot. With its price higher than the 360,they still manage to out sell the 360.

aueslander3485d ago

Do you know your MS console history? They have had ONE system before the 360 so even though the stopped support of it, thats not really something you can use to say they have a HISTORY of doing so and as far as faulty hardware, the original XBOX was rock solid so to say that, because of ONE console they have a HISTORY of faulty hardware is retarded.

Get off your high horse jackass, every company is allowed to make mistakes. So the 360 had issues, its a learning experience so I doubt the next xbox will have any major issues. But still, learn you console history before you start talking trash.

aueslander3485d ago

a lot of you on here are probably late teens to early 20s cause if not, you would remember that starting with the NES, sega and nintendo averaged a new console every 5 years so if they did release a new xbox in 2010 it would be a 5 year cycle which has been the norm for over 2 decades now.

At any rate, considering that pc hardware became more powerful than the PS3 after about a year after the PS3 launch, it is safe to say that the next xbox will be superior to the PS3 and not just on par. Still, as long as they keep selling units, I can see them announce say at GDC 2010 a new xbox but wont release until 2011 to build hype.

And really, as far as how games look and play, there is not a TON of difference between the 360 and PS3, its not like last gen where the XBOX was noticably better looking in every aspect as the consoles now are close even though the PS3 has the overall hardware edge.

Still, I wish we could go to ONE console and ONE only to end this fanboy BS as it gets retarded fast.

lsujester3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Well, one thing I think that could possibly convince MS to put out a new one next year is that they probably want the year head start on Sony again. Like it or not, that has been a huge factor this generation for direct and indirect reasons. A similar advantage might convince them to release next year if they had wind of Sony releasing PS4 in 2011.

Then again, if Sony needed to wait until 2012 in order to hopefully recoup a little money from the PS3, then MS could easily afford to wait until 2011.

But if it is to come late next year, we'll start seeing actual evidence late this year, early next.


I'm right with you. I would LOVE to have only one console that had tons of games for it. That way I could play with all my friends instead of whichever system I'm playing that day. But I'm even more curious as to what that would do to the market if we didn't have the competition we do now.

OGharryjoysticks3485d ago



soxfan20053485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

There is no way MS will release a new console in 2010, given the rate at which 360 is currently selling. 360 leads PS3 every month, and is selling more year over year while PS3 is declining. MS should release the next console in 2011, six years after the 360 launch. This would be the same as Sony's PS2/PS3 transition. Then, for a few years, they could produce both consoles. By it's 6th, 7th, and 8th years, the 360 will be highly profitable to produce, and those profits can help offset the first few years of losses that ALL new consoles inevitably incur.

Fortunately for MS, they lead Sony this generation, so MS can dictate their own fate. MS can plan it's own future, and Sony can decide how to respond. There is a BIG difference between planning for the future from a leading position than from a secondary position.

morganfell3485d ago

Soxfan you should try leaving the US once in a while. According to Microsoft's own figures, at PS3 launch in Europe they were over 3 million ahead. Now MS says they are only 750,000 ahead. You don't blow a 3 million console lead and drop to less than a 3rd of that by outselling the PS3 in the largest gaming territory. You do that by getting outsold in Europe to the tune of 90,000 consoles a month since the PS3 launched.

Bucky Sligo3485d ago

Just give it a rest dude. Do you have any proof whatsoever to support your 90,000 per month claim? Anywho, the only figures that is important is World-Wide, who cares if the PS3 is outselling the Xbox in Japan or Europe when it is losing world-wide.

morganfell3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

So Microsoft is lying now? You give it a rest. You give it a rest defending a company that relies on units shipped rather than units sold.

Better yet tell Microsoft to give it a rest because their own quotes are the sources for these figures. Simple logic. Here, from a previous post of mine. Just realize it's logic that will make you mad...

Did you see the quote direct from Microsoft where they said they were 750,000 ahead of the PS3? I will give them a million and then make you feel bad.

Remember, the 360 did not have a year head start on the PS3 in Europe. They had a year and a half. 18 months. For reference be aware the PS3 launched in Europe 1 week prior to the end of Q3 2006 (March 31 2007).

For sales you should know that at the end of Q1 2006 (September 30th 2006) MS reported they had already moved a total of 6 Million units. MS said 1.7 Million of those 360's were in Europe. That means 28.3% of sales were Europe.

By the end of Q3 (March 31, 2007) The worldwide total was 11 Million. I do not have the European breakdown, MS went quiet as to how many of that 11 Million were European sales. For the previous Q1 I mentioned that 1.7 Million of the 6 Million total were European and that was 28.3%. If we assume a similar percentage, which is reasonable, then the European totals at the end of Q3 2006 (March 31 2007 - 1 week after PS3 launch in Europe) would be roughly 3.11 Million.

So at PS3 launch the 360 is roughly 3.11 million ahead in Europe.

Remember, the PS3 Euro launch and Microsoft's Q3 2006 were 1 week apart.

And despite that advantage the PS3 has pulled to within a million in the largest game sales territory. Microsoft said they were only 750.000 ahead. I'll give them 1,000,000. That means Sony made up lost ground and cut down 2.11 million of the 360 head start. To do something Microsoft says is fact, that means on average since launch the PS3 has been outselling the 360 in Europe by roughly 87,916 consoles a month.

Look at the most the current US and Japanese sales figures for the month of March.

PS3: 218,000 NPD (US) + 116,109 (Japan) = 334,109

360: 330,000 NPD (US) + 33,662 (Japan) = 363,662

A difference of just 29,553.

Now subtract that amount from the clobbering Sony has been handing out in Europe.

87,916 - 29,553 = 58,363 in favor of the PS3.

Now the Euro sales are an average. No doubt some months are higher and some lower. But anyone that has been watching the Euro monthly sales knows that outside of the UK the PS3 has been easily outselling the 360. It isn't just about the US.

So you see Bucko, once the PS3 takes the race adding Europe, the US, and Japan, there isn't a great deal of territory left and alot of that is Sony land anyway.

Bucky Sligo3485d ago

Your average of 87,916 has fail writen all over it since the picture has changed somewhat after the price cut. The average includes figures of before the price cut.
Also, you claim that Sony reports sold and not shipped. How on earth can Sony know how many PS3's every retailer (online and offline) have sold? The answer is, they don't and they can't.
There are a lot of holes in your logic my friend but keep trying though, I'll get my popcorn ;)

edgeofblade3485d ago

I agree. The Xbox 360 will tank the day the next one is announced. But if the next Xbox can maintain 100% backwards compatibility and be much more reliable, it will experience an incredible knock-on effect. It really depends how long MS wants to (or has to) replace 360's.

aksmashh3485d ago

I Still Hoping It Comes Out Early 2010

I Know People Who Own 360's Don't Want Too Because There Clearly Stupid
For Still Having One (Unless They Own Ps3 Aswell)

s8anicslayer3485d ago

I would really like to play my 360 alot more and buy more games for my 360 then I currently do, but past experiances with hardware failure left a sour taste in my mouth and I don't have the confidence in my machine to play consistantly. So going back on topic it would not make sense for Ms to release the 720 any time soon until they can get people like myself confident enough to choose the 360 soley as console of choice and there are many of us out there!

edgeofblade3484d ago

Hardware failure would have left a sour taste in my mouth had Microsoft not shelled out tons of cash to replace failed systems. I still maintain that if Microsoft hadn't the balls to stand behind their console, the game would have been over right there and I'd dump the Xbox.

But as long as MS want's to keep replacing my box, I'll let them. It's only fair that they pay for their mistakes... but I'm not going to say they should lose the generation because they still did the right thing. We got voluntary justice to the tune of $1 Billion. That's better than I'd imagine a class-action suit would do.

Suffice it to say, IF Microsoft can still create a compelling position in the market with so few first party studios and build a more reliable system, the next Xbox will be a force to be reckoned with. If not, Microsoft will be unable to shake the stigmas they built for themselves.

Christopher3484d ago

From a hardware perspective, it's being used to its fullest. The only improvements you will see on the 360 will come from software improvements that will utilize the hardware in a slightly better fashion or improve graphic/audio file sizes and compression rates.

This is not true for the PS3, which is seeing improvements in fully utilizing the hardware.

NOW HAVING SAID THAT! A fully realized PS3 will likely be about the same as the currently fully realized 360, software advances by first-parties notwithstanding.

AntoineDcoolette3484d ago

Why do video game discussions on this website always have to devolve into sh!t flinging tribalism? Apples and Orange some might find th3e other to be a bit over ripe w/e

thesummerofgeorge3484d ago

They won't release one that soon. They can't start a new console mid generation, that's why you notice all three new consoles this gen (ps3, 360, wii) were all released within the same general time frame. If one company releases a new console mid gen they could never compete with a thriving console, there has top be incentive to buy, like knowing all the other consoles will be moving on to new projects within the next year or so as well, but if the rest aren't, why go for a new expensive console with no games when there's a thriving console with many games and a lot of support.

Not to mention that would make most developers go to Sony at least until Msoft could get a decent install base. We all saw how difficult 360's headstart made it for the Ps3 for the first while... Well this would be like that only much worse seeing as the Ps3 is much more established now than the 360 was then.

JeffGUNZ3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

Why would anyone want to leave the country? The swine-flu is out there.

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Nelson M3485d ago

Because the 360 is Crap !!
And the 720 wont be much Better !!
The 720 wont Even be on Par with the PS3

Eiffel3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

By your logic Killzone 2 sucked. Seeing how the first was a complete and total turd bomb. The first Xbox was built like a beast. 360 was rushed. I doubt the same mistake will follow with the next console. Generalizing is for punks.

GiantEnemyCrab3485d ago

LOL @ scared droid.

Don't overload fanboy.

Chubear3485d ago

well actually, KZ1 was not a bomb and "teh worst FPS EVA!!" as labeled by then xbox fanatics and the NA gaming media.

Since the 360 fans love sales so much it may interest them to know KZ1 sold over 2mill units to date.

When you also consider that, apart from PGR1 and Fable, no other Xbox exclusive title as sold as much as KZ1 did (except obviously the halos) then it kinda mutes the point of KZ2's predecessor is a flop and turd cause that would mean every xbox exclusive (except said halo games) is a turd and flop too :/

n to the b3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I sure hope they come up with a better name than 720 (they will, of course).

@Nelson M: won't be on par with the PS3? 360 already is more powerful in some ways, thanks to the 2x RAM cache... oops, I forgot no one on n4g takes u seriously anyway.

HeavyweightInTheGame3485d ago

Killzone was an alright game. But the 2 million sales is quite small compared to the install base of the PS2 which is over 100 million. Even if the install base is 100 million (which it isn't as it is much higher), that means only 2% of all PS2 owners have bought the game. Gears of War 2 has already sold more than that with only 30 million consoles sold.

Nelson M3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Nothing But Self Ownage
From the BoTs

HeavyweightInTheGame3485d ago

Yep 2 million sales for Killzone 1 is more than GeOW2 sales.

It also appears some people can't count. 2 million of 100 million is (drumroll) 2%. Some people need to get off this site and go back to grade 4. Ahem *Nelson*.

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Gue13485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I don't think they need to launch a new box cus right now they have an awesome console that produces great HD graphics, what we need now is innovation. What the next box could bring? More graphical power? Nah, we already have enough of that.

I just hope they don't go in the route of Nintendo making another console with another name, same graphical capabilities and just a new fancy controller for the price of an X360 (when they launched).

edit: Oh crap! I commented in the wrong place. Now good bye to another of my bubbles. ;(

Fishy Fingers3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I guess there can always be arguments made for and against releasing a new console. Personally I think the 360s most attractive feature is it's price point. Releasing a new console would mean returning to 'high' prices which in the current climate wouldnt be the best of moves and may possibly push consumers towards what would be the cheaper options, PS3/Wii.

I think it'll be some time before we see a new machine from any of the manufacturers. The timing is just wrong and frankly, there is no need. Most people are content with the current offerings and there is much more that can be done with them than what we've seen yet. Few more years at least.

But if I was taking a punt, Id say some form of updated Wii will come first.

I just think there are more people counting the pennies (cents) than there are craving new hardware.

cappakrako3485d ago

you really think the "next box" will be around the $400 price point?

Marty83703485d ago

I for one won't be buying one. Playstation 4 yes, 720 not a chance.