Bit-tech: Dante's Inferno Hands-on Preview

Bit-tech writes:
"Jonathon Knight and the team at Electronic Arts' Redwood Shores studio have a fight on their hands when it comes to persuading gamers that Dante's Inferno is anything other than a rip-off, and they know it. Or, at least, the team members we spoke to seemed so desperate to be taken seriously that that's the conclusion we were left with.

Gamers are, broadly speaking, a cynical lot and won't easily be tricked into thinking that "this is what Dante Alighieri would have wanted" no matter how insistent exec producer Jonathon Knight is. As gamers ourselves, that cynicism is something we share in and it's heightened by the knowledge that Dante wrote the Divine Trilogy as a way of exploring religious dogma and testifying his love for the real-life Beatrice Portinari. He definitely didn't write it so it could be adapted into a violent hack and slash videogame."

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