Console-Tribe Italia reviews Tom Clancy's HAWX

Ubisoft, after having already tried with Over G Fighters and the two Blazing Angels, thought good to try using a brand whose rights have been acquired recently: this brand take the name of Tom Clancy. From the hangar then leaves the new HAWX, an air combat that relies on the reputation of the famous American author.
But what separates the most renowned Ace Combat HAWX from? If the first is based on plots at the edge of the science-fiction and therefore unrealistic, the second tells of events that could be terribly real and even the associated socio-political current. So on the one hand the pure imagination, the other a hypothetical re-working of contemporary reality.
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XLiveGamer3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Ace Combat 6 & HAWX have the graphics but Over G have the simulation gameplay.

Over G shoot down both with his level of air combat realism and i can say that because i played both and own Ace Combat 6 and i keep it for how sick the graphics and replay looks.

The last month i reccomend Over G to one guy that "was" a Ace Combat 6 fan but when he rented Over G he end up trading Ace Combat 6.