GamePlan: MadWorld Demonstrates Tenuous Link Between Web Hype And Sales

There has been a great deal of speculation about the underwhelming retail performance of PlatinumGames' MadWorld, but now OTX research group GamePlan Insights has released detailed data illustrating the often-thin correlation between online acclaim and real-world retail success, particularly on the Wii platform.

As demonstrated by GamePlan's Nick Williams at the Los Angeles Game Conference, with slides made available to Gamasutra, the game's strong awareness among the hardcore online gaming community bore little relationship with its weak awareness among the wider gaming public.

For example, from January to March, the tracking metrics used by major consumer gaming site pegged the bloody brawler as the Wii game with the highest level of unique interest, and by extension purchase intent.

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peeps3463d ago

I've said it before and i've said it again. I'm sure there are plenty of 'hardcore' gamers on the wii, but the wii has became more and more the console choice of more 'casual' gamers. Point being that i'm sure Madword is great (got great reviews) and lots of people were interested in buying it, but alot of those people don't own wii's. So a game may stir up alot of interest, but really how much interest is actually coming from the wii's install base!

Nineball21123463d ago

You make a great point. A game will only sell on a system if that systems' owners want the game.... regardless of how "great" the game is supposed to be.

The Wii (by and large) is for casuals. That's not a slam on the system, it's just a fact.

SpoonyRedMage3463d ago

I agree there especially considering the people who used to own Wiis are the ones that complain about the lack of core games but having sold their Wiis because they were "gathering dust" they can't buy them when they're available.

IdleLeeSiuLung3463d ago

Well, it might even be worse than that. How many hardcore gamers own a Wii? How many of those didn't sell their Wii? How many of those practically abandoned their Wii?

I pretty much fall in the latter category, my Wii is just dusting waiting for the release of Capcom vs. Tatsunoko.

Anyhow, I wonder how much larger the hardcore user base in the PS3 and Xbox 360 is larger than the Wii despite the larger install base. Suddenly your market just shrunk to almost nothingness....

Smacktard3463d ago

I agree with you, peeps. And that's just sad.

But then you also have the people who own the Wii, and say that they don't have any games for it besides a couple of first party games -- as if it's Nintendo's fault, or something. And these are the people that ignore/will ignore games like de Blob, Mercury Meltdown Revolution, Geometry Wars: Galaxies, Zack and Wiki, Blast Works, Boom Blox, Little King's Story, etc., etc. Many of these games can be considered hardcore games.

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panasonic233463d ago

lol look at killzone 2 that game had the most web hype ever for a game and it sold like sh!t.

nerubii3463d ago

just because there is a higher percentage doesnt mean there is no number.

N4g_null3463d ago

The biggest point that needs to be made is the internet does not equal the hardcore or even represent them correctly. Many games have been hyped and raised up by the media and online blogs and fans yet the games still did not sell to the hardcore as a whole.

After the PS2 the industry believed that the hardcore where once again unified as they where during the SNES days. The only reason this happened to seem this way is because all companies except nintendo and MS where putting their games on the PS brand period. Now we have rising stakes in a stressful economy and a core based that has grown up and become more picky about what they want to play or even what they will try.

This is the biggest problem, gamers of any kind simply not giving game a chance and building up reason why they just will not buy a system. Most of you will notice that as gamers get older they become more tech oriented rather than game play oriented. Young adults do not want to play with their family and actually see gaming as an isolated thing. There are many problems with this yet it is nice to see there are other types of gamers out there.

The PS3 can become a girlie machine in a matter of months. A new eyetoy with a make up sim game from say cover girl or a modeling game using the eye toy would put the PS3 on the map. Women and girl would actually pay more for this type of entertainment. If you keep making these comments about the Wii more and more developers will get pushed by publishers to make these games. This is not the Wii fault it is the hardcore gamers fault.

If the Wii did not get bashed as much and other assumption where not allowed to be parroted then the Wii would have come out with more hardcore titles. As a hardcore gamer you can not just support the best games out you have to try out all games and actually try and help people find the good games even on the HD consoles.

The funny thing is the hardcore go where the games are. They got Wiis but the industry only supported the HD consoles and now we are stuck trying to make you guys HD games. More and more will make Wii games now because of the times and the response from the hardcore.

The internet is only fooling it self when they say the Wii is only for casuals. They said the same thing about the PS2 until the 3rd party developers show up, that's when the party really starts.

If you put a game on the Wii with strong art style and engaging game play like a metal gear, double dragon 2, FF etc then the gamer will show up. It really is that simple yet publisher are scared. The best thing that HD did was let our artist play with low level movie level art assets and budgets.

You guys may be looking at the current Wii games coming out and there sales numbers and calling them flops yet I though mario kart stopped selling, along with other games since the HD games seem to sell and then fall off completely. Yet those games are still selling.

Pirates killed PC gaming yet trade ins are killing HD gaming. Casuals are actually making it possible for more hardcore gamers to start playing since families play them. If the casual dies off then it's more than likely they will have kids that will grow up and bam now he can get mad world. You know kids get older every year, thats a fact! The hardcore is created each year then and kids don't get a PC or an HD system when they become hardcore they get the left overs which would be a Wii. That is classic console gaming...

Vizion263462d ago

Then how did Zelda, Metroid, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil UC, Red Steel, Call of Duty World at War, Call of Duty 3, Star Wars Unleashed pass 1 million in sells?

Gr813462d ago

In order for this to make sense you have to ignore the things like facts and sales to do so. MadWorld is selling steadily, and will undoubtedly become a profitable game for Platinum. It will do Numbers similar to or greater than No More Heroes.

N4g_null3462d ago

Arius Dion is correct yet most HD artist can not exist with out x brush or mud box. Stuff like demon blade was though to be gone for ever!

Man it's actually pretty painful to go to the HD console part of this site. It's just a lot of arguing over and over with out a lot of reasoning.

You have a lot of professionals HERE also. I mean really when you think about it who has more free time than game developers LOL. WOW proves this!

Man I'm glad there are more Wiis out there because the hardcore gamers need a reboot. I love a good FPS but really how many can we have and where are all the people that love art instead of realism!

On top of that this gen feels like the bizaaAAAAArrrRRROOOOO gen where PC gaming is cooler than console gaming, great job MS nice trick you did there! Yeah the internet is not your friend dear publisher and the hardcore are so isolated that your game might as well be porn!

Come on HD gamers put their kids to bed to play them and spectators don't even like watching some one play? This is pretty backwards from the days that arcade games where all the rage? I mean is there a crash coming or some thing?