GameStop Profit Margin On Used Almost 50%

Just how lucrative is GameStop's used games business? For every dollar of revenue from pre-owned games and consoles, the company gets 48 cents of gross profits -- that's a margin of nearly 50 percent.

Overall, GameStop's total revenue climbed to $8.8 billion in the fiscal year ending 31 January 2009, up from $7.1 billion in the previous fiscal year, an increase of 24%.

In fact, GameStop's revenue for the past year was 2.8 times the size of its revenue just three years ago.

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360Hater3459d ago

And will continue to until they go out of bussiness and or get their sole back from satan!

The Matrix3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

You buy a $60 game. You play it once and decide to trade it back in. Gamestop gives you $30 or less for it. Thus....50% profit. Man I hate gamestop.

mistajeff3459d ago

oo! oo! or how bout when you go on the website and use credit from trade-ins on an edge card to pay for things the 'estimated tax' is suspiciously higher than the exact same purchase made with a credit card instead? that's always fun.

denawayne3459d ago

At least I can say that I do not contribute to this ridiculous business.