Lionhead reveals important announcement tomorrow

From Strategy Informer: "Lionhead has revealed that an important announcement should be coming at sometime tomorrow, although no further details were revealed. We expect it to be an announcement about the third DLC for Fable II."

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kittoo3459d ago

If the announcement isn't about DLC (I understand that most probably it will be about DLC) then will it be about PC version of the game?
Though I think MS will announce PC versions of Fab le 2 and Halo 3 at E3 this year (please please) and if PC owners are unfortunate, Too human!!!!
Also, I think RE5 and Lost Planet 2 PC will be announced at E3.
Let's see how much of it comes true!!!!

CaseyRyback_CPO3458d ago

lets remember this post :) Blur studios finished the cgi trailer last week.

Tomdc3458d ago

PS3 version of Fable? =P

ThaGeNeCySt3459d ago

either DLC for Fable II, or Fable II PC

kingme713459d ago

Don't you just love how the gaming industry loves to hype up their secrets? It's like if your wife says, "We really need to talk, but I'm going out of town for 2 weeks so when I get back".


and boy its annoying...

i just make sure i plan all my busy stuff for the week she gets back so i am to busy to talk about it for a week or two.


DNAgent3459d ago

"We expect it to be an announcement about the third DLC for Fable II."

Yeah...It's probably more DLC. It always is.

McMee3458d ago

I really enjoyed Fable 2 so I would totally buy some new DLC... if my 360 hadnt broke AGAIN.

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