Nintendo makes a play for gaming comeback

Less than three years ago, Nintendo, the venerable video game company, was looking like a fading icon.
With archrival Sony's PlayStation 2 game console leaving Nintendo's Game Cube in the dust, the company was in the midst of losing a second straight round in the video console wars. And Sony looked ready to replicate its success in the handheld arena, long Nintendo's strong suit. Though Nintendo planned to counter with a new handheld of its own, few gave its relatively dim-screened, underpowered DS much of a chance against Sony's powerful, multimedia PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Fast forward a few years, and things look a lot different. Sales of Nintendo's DS have trounced those of the PSP, thanks in part to Nintendo's focus on quirky, fun-to-play games for the machine.

The company is using a similar formula with its new Wii console - and seeing similar success thus far. The machine, which includes a unique, motion-sensing controller, has outsold Sony's new PlayStation 3 ever since they both launched last year, and Wii sales even topped Microsoft's Xbox 360 in January.

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I honestly dont think Nintendo can win this generation. Yes its selling well now, so did the gamecube at launch.

People say nintendo have innovated when really all they've done is copied and pasted their strategy with the DS into the home console market, and I'd like to think that most gamers need something with a little more substance than brain age or cooking mama over and over again.

Mark my words, in a years time the Wii will be being outsold by both of its competitors, in software and hardware

scarlett_rg4754d ago

"People say nintendo have innovated when really all they've done is copied and pasted their strategy with the DS into the home console market"

That's got to be the most retarded thing I've read since the SDF Petition about DMC4. Basically what you said is "Nintendo didn't innovate, because they copied Nintendo." So the company that made the DS innovated, but the company that made the Wii didn't? They're the SAME company! It's innovation by Nintendo no matter how you spell it.


with all due respect, innovation insinuates something new, scarlett :)

ChickeyCantor4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

then you must be missing something.

DS is a handheld with a TOUCH screen, you dont touch your TV with the Wii-mote you aim @ it.

they both are different, so what scarlett said was true.
there is no other device that had motion+IR*+controller with D-pad and buttons all in one.

(not really IR, all it does is pick up the 2 lights from the sensorbar so the hardware in the wii mote could tell the Wii where it should put the "cursor"
so i was more refering to the hardware that is on the top/front of the wii mote)

scarlett_rg4754d ago

Yes, and last time I checked the DS stylus-pen (or whatever they call it) didn't have motion sensors in it. It's innovation all-round for Nintendo here.

But even if the DS and Wii were exactly the same (except one being handheld, and one being a home console), the fact is that Nintendo has done something different than any other company out there... and that is innovation.

In reality though, the only similarity between the DS and Wii is how much ass they're kicking around the world in the sales department... but I think we've all heard enough about that by now.

OldSchoolGamer4754d ago

fully rebounded from the last couple of generations.