Marvel VS Capcom 2 Officially Confirmed for Digital Distribution (Includes Pricing Details)

Capcom and Marvel have today officially confirmed that the highly requested fighting game, Marvel VS Capcom 2, will be coming to the PLAYSTATION3 and Xbox 360 this summer via digital distribution. The classic fighter pits some of Capcom's familiar faces against a host of Marvel Comic's biggest names in explosive three-on-three team battles. Marvel VS Capcom 2 has been PEGI rated 12+, USK 12 and OFLC 15+ and will be available for purchase on XboxLIVE! Arcade for Xbox 360 for 1200 Microsoft Points and the PlayStation Network for €14.99/ £11.99 when the game goes live this summer.

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Rama262853512d ago

£11.99 for what appears to be a re-release with some filters seems a bit steep to me. If they had re-done it with proper HD then that price might seem a bit more reasonable, but as it stands I expected it to be a bit less.

I might have missed understood exactly what they've done, however, and would gladly change my mind if someone corrects me :)

AssassinHD3512d ago

It is still cheaper than eBay though.

Tryst3511d ago

yeah, alot cheaper

But the PS2 version is collectable. Digital distribution kills collectables.

Gue13511d ago

What I Hope is that Capcom or whatever who is doing the port make some adjustments to when the support characters appear while playing in widescreen because it's like they are appearing from out of nowhere!

Seriously, if they don't fix that this re-release it's going down the drain...

Baka-akaB3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Again i dont see what proper hd remix you guys want . Unlike sf2 MVC2 does still looks good . Sf2 needed a remix to look close or above , mcv 2 only needed upscale

And it's not just a straight port anyway
Online , unlocked features , trophy ... and stuff i probably forgot .
Seriously the only thing missing would be a total rebalance , and that game is impossible to balance anyway , and probably not much designed with that in mind .

besides there is something most dont realise , capcom is interested by Marvel vs capcom 3 , and a great way would be with sf4's engine . But Marvel is still a costly license , especially now with the success of their movies .

IF they see a massive success for MVC2 , they'll probably think about it harder

Lifendz3511d ago

But it's all supply and demand. Demand for this remake was so high that it was almost at FFVII levels. Heck, the game goes for 80 bucks on Ebay. Capcom sees this and says "we can make a lot and not do much other than a few filtering upgrades." For 14.99 I would have loved HD visuals, redrawn animations, and maybe some new stages, characters, or whatever. But hey, they said the game will have trophies (which SFHD never got) and online matches are there so I can't be too mad.

Heck, SOTN is still 9.99 on PSN and that game wasn't upgraded at all. 14.99 for a game most of us loved with a few tweaks and trophies is not such a bad deal.

Next game I want is the original X-Men side scroller that Konami made re-done and allowing online coop.

Why o why3511d ago

well, if you put it like that i suppose its worth a grab

UltimateIdiot9113511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

If you have a PS3, you can do what I do sometimes. Wait for the sale to pop up and hope like crazy MvC2 is one of the title. Chances are close to none.

I'm not liking the whole $15 DD thing. It feels like it's starting to drift into a deadly road. I tried Flock and that game is not worth $15 IMO. Sooner or later, other DL will be $15.

himdeel3511d ago

...until someone on my friend list buys this and decides to share it with me. I just wish they did a formal update like RemixHD.

FragMnTagM3511d ago

when you consider that this is one of the best arcade games most of us have ever played.

Besides if they came out with Goldeneye again, and they didn't upgrade the graphics, I would still buy it. Just because I remember how fun proximity mines were, just slaps, remote mines, spinning in the toilet to jump back in to the duct on the Facility level, there is hardly anything that was as hilarious as that sh!t man.

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LorD3511d ago

$15 for this?

Thats crazy.


Venomish3511d ago

wasnt mame just arcade mode?

iNcRiMiNaTi3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

best fighter ever now with online support.

playin my DC version in the meantime to practice

Rob0g0rilla3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

I don't think MAME can emulate this game. You can play it using a Dreamcast emulator but not with MAME. You still wouldn't be able to go online with it.

thehitman3511d ago

Remade it like tekkan 5 was remade w/ better visuals etc even though I love MvC2 a lot and is in my top 3 fighter games of all time I wont be dling this game if it has no improvements to it. Cmon capcom stop being lazy I rather pay 30 dollars for better looking game than 15 for a game from 2 gens ago.

Gue13511d ago

The game will provide widescreen, a couple of screen filters, an upscaler to HD resolutions and online... What more do you want?

The game will look just like if it were remade in HD. Look at the pics, the characters don't have jaggies nor the background.

thehitman3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

but those are far from high texture/res graphics. When tekkan5 was remade for ps3 the improvement was much greater than that and they added on-line to it I like to see that also.

Edit: It looks like they just upscaled the game which my ps3 couldve done already if I had a copy of the disc... seems like they taking advantage of us and trying to make a quick buck.

Baka-akaB3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Then show us those superior 2d fighters ? I could only name guilty gears and capcom vs snk wich arent are really that much above , especially animation wise , at least not at such a step that couldnt be matched by upscale ... and a cut above , and probably the best 2d there is in fighting until KOF XII and blazblue : SF3 ...

And yet i already see people whining for a SF3 hd remix , the game doesnt need , when it's pretty much perfect and only needing an upscale .

Sorry but MvC2 online should justify it already ...
And you forgot to add that tekken 5 DR's online was crap , between forced region and horrible lag most of the time .
SF2 HD's online code was much better , and that's what MvC2 will be using

iNcRiMiNaTi3511d ago

i could care less about graphics. this game with online play alone is worth $15. the game was selling for over $100 used on ebay and like $80 used in game stores. now its $15 with online play and u complain? i dont buy games because of how they look.

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specialguest3511d ago

MVC2 came out during the time when I was more interested in partying than playing video games. Maybe this time around, I'll actually have enough time invested to be an elit player.

PureGamer3511d ago

its better than paying for the ps2 or dreamcast version. Cannot wait for this.

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