Bionic Commando Multiplayer demo now available for Xbox 360

A demo for Capcom's action shooter Bionic Commando is now available for download exclusive to the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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Why dis3485d ago

Dam I'm going to jump off Netflix to download this real quick

anh_duong3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

i don't have a gold account and have never downloaded a demo from live. can i download this demo with just silver? if not then i will just have to wait until the 1st may when live is free. in the mean time anyone give me a mini-review of this demo??

Sez 3485d ago

you can DL demo's with a silver account. you just have to wait a week or two after the gold members get it.

KionicWarlord2223485d ago

This is pretty nice.

Im also glad they brought this game back.

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TrevorPhillips3485d ago

Im running to my room just to download this incredible game cya guys online.

Mr Patriot3485d ago

So now MS is after exclusive timed demos ?? lmao ,, guess now I know what Ms is gonna show at E3 .... reason Im mad is cos since the game is developed for both ps3 and 360 ( i only got ps3 ) ,, why not release it on psn as well .....

Sorry MS but gamin would have been way better without u :(

ChefDejon3485d ago

is getting the marvel vs capcom 2 demo

sack_boi3485d ago

Wow, so much fail in just one comment.

SonyRulz3485d ago

...and STUPID.

Sony got the FF13 demo and Marvel vs Capcom demo to explain how that's any different?

raztad3485d ago


FFXIII demo isnt a good example, you KNOW it is japan bound where game wont be released on the 360.

All this practice of getting timed exclusives demos, for god sake, multiplat DEMOS!!!! is pretty ridiculous.

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peeps3485d ago

it's pretty annoying to know i can download this but not play it because i don't have gold atm :/ surely even silver members should be able to play a demo, even if it is multi ffs

sack_boi3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

if you don't have gold, then you can't download it either. wait till next week and you'll be able to download it, but you won't be able to play it.

I know paying for LIVE can be annoying, but each time I compare it to PSN, it just feels like I'm not giving Microsoft enough money. LIVE is awesome.

qface643485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

i agree last month i got me a 1 moth gold card because i spent my money on a few games the whole month nothing worth it came out on the XBL marketplace it was basically dead

now something does come out (just a demo but still something) and guess what my gold expired yesterday yay -__- and i can't get gold anytime soon since i just recently bought a few games so im broke

damn XBL is annoying at times it would have been better if you could play online as a silver member you just wouldn't get many of the good features that gold accounts have

peeps3485d ago

well i'd say silver members should at least be able to play a demo online. The whole point is to sell the game but it seems i can't try before i buy without paying? and ppl disagree with me for that lol

sack_boi3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

You can still create a new account. Each time you do, you get 1 month gold membership.

I'm pretty sure on the next Xbox Silver members will be able to play multiplayer games without having to pay. Gold membership won't exist anymore, they'll become VIPs, with better internet connection, dedicated servers and so on...

peeps3485d ago

ye could do i guess. i think eu is supposed to have a fee gold weekend coming up though so will prob just go on then

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peeps3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

yes live is good but my problem is i only use it to play online. Just so frustrating for someone like me who'd just like to try a demo :/

edit: wow how can ppl disagree with me for being annoyed at having to pay so i can play a demo :/ tbh most ppl on this site disagree but never actually discuss the matter, i think they should introduce some feature where if you disagree you have to reply (although we'd just get a load of blank messages then haha)

sack_boi3485d ago

I see. For someone like you, I think PSN is the right choice; it's free and you get most of the demos day 1 (except when you have to pre-order, or buy CORE to get them). I'm still waiting for the video store in Europe's market place.

peeps3485d ago

yeh. well i own both. been on my ps3 alot more for that very reason (and most of my friends are on there)

So it's quite hard for me to justify resubscribing for live atm which is annoying cus i would quite fancy popping on now and again (been in a halo mood recently!) If you just own a 360 then live isn't really a problem because you'll always be using it.

I guess i'll just have to wait for halo odst to come out then subscribe again then

sack_boi3485d ago

Yeah, all (not most) my real life buddies are on PSN too because it's free, but I still prefer LIVE for all it's functionalities and I made many new American friends there.

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