GameSpy: No Kratos? No Problem

A few weeks back, EA showcased a sampling of its upcoming roster of big titles, including Dante's Inferno. GameSpy found it curious that for all of EA's rhetoric about how the team was putting its own spin on "The Divine Comedy," no one was mentioning the most important adaptation going on there: ideas from other action games.

In fact, Dante's Inferno is just one of several new games looking to deliver stylish hyper-violent action in the vein of genre stalwarts like Devil May Cry (a series that very loosely borrows from "The Divine Comedy" too) and God of War. Read on for the lowdown on three upcoming actioners that could satisfy your appetite for combo-driven bloodlust.

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WildArmed3486d ago

Betting against God of war is a big deal. (elites still don't dare do it)
But a fresh IP trying to go beyond GoW, i hope they are not Biting Off More Than they Can Chew. Even if the game is awesome by itself, the hype they are building up will hurt.
Stop with the comparing! Judge the game 4 itself please.
I dont wanna be disappointed and be like.. OMG it doesn't have this like in DMC20 or God Of war VI. >_>

lociefer3486d ago

Nothing will replace kratos , even if the game is awesome , kratos is just , u no , kratos , an icon

3486d ago
Baba19063486d ago

i want both so mäh =D.

raztad3486d ago

I just want this baby be awesome on my PSP!!! and please dont mess with Kratos, man got serious angry management issues :D

3486d ago