Vote for Miss Video Games 2007! Something for everyone

The guys over at Miss Video are on a mission to showcase female gaming talent. They've set up the website to apparently raise the profile of women in gaming and 'make the gaming industry take women gamers seriously and to treat them with respect as equals.' So what have they done for the greater good of the female species? Well, they've allowed girl gamers to submit photos of themselves to the website where people like us can pop along, browse through the gallery and vote on our favourite.

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Bathyj4755d ago

I've got a hot friend who slays most of those girls. She's a mad gamer and been coming around more often since I got my PS3. ;) Thats not an advert or anything, "Sony will get you chicks". Ha, I'm just saying.

I should get her to submit some photos to this site and I'll take em. Hehe, I'll ask her next time we're drunk.

gta_cb4755d ago

nice one mate make your move on her and if she rejects you then say its cos the website you found lol j/k

i know some girls that place games... not necessarily videos game ;) hehe

OldSchoolGamer4755d ago

start a flame war and may distract the kiddies for awhile. =) enjoy.