Resident Evil Archives revealed for the Wii, scary first screens

Capcom has taken the wraps off Resident Evil Archives for the Wii, a remake of the classic Resident Evil which was originally released on the GameCube in 2002 which featured new rooms, areas, items and creatures that were not included in the PlayStation original released in 1996.

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DragonWarrior_43459d ago

When are they gonna realize that everyone who would buy this would rather play this on the ps3 or 360? I hate gaming publishers. I hate gaming marketing. I hate everything in the gaming industry besides the games.

Marcello3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

I agree, seems like a lot of devs have lost there marbles ie Square, Sega, Capcom to name a few.

This version is identical to the GC version only difference is the added Wii controls but no motion controls just allows use with wiimote but wats the point??. If you are a Wii owner and dont have this game but wish to get it then look for GC version, you can find it for about 10 bucks now.

This game & RE4 should have indeed been ported to PS3 & Xbox360, I have been playing this on the Dolphin emulator recently & @1080p on a 42inch Plasma it looks stunning.

Bnet3433459d ago

Why the hell can't they remake this for PS3? RE started on PS before GC or any Nintendo console, what the phuck.

AndrooC3458d ago

It is what they call VARIETY!! It won't cost them ANYTHING to port it to the Wii so whatever money they make its a profit. If you want to play these just buy a Wii. RE4:Wiimake sold well over a million so there is a market on the Wii for RE remakes mate.

Oh and if you think that Nintendo consoles started with the GC you are heavily mistaken. Shows your age really.

gaffyh3459d ago

How many times are they going to remake Resident Evil on the wrong system?!?!? It's really really retarded, do a X360/PS3 remake if you're going to do one.

Salta_nelas3459d ago many times will they milk this game?

NIN643459d ago

I already own 4 versions of this game (RE, RE:DC, REmake, REDS) This is a definite NO BUY unless there are significant changes. . .

LightofDarkness3459d ago

Oooh, remake of a remake of a remake. Good going, Capcom.

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The story is too old to be commented.