HVS gives thier opinion on "Hardcore"

NintendoDpad writes:
"The Conduit was made to be an answer to the lack of "hardcore" Wii games, although many people have had a hard time actually knowing what the term means.
High Voltage Software's Matt Corso, creative director of The Conduit, had his take on what the word meant in a Nintendo Channel interview."

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Product3457d ago

Why do people actually think hardcore means mature themed? i mean Little Nemo on NES is core in my book.

ChickeyCantor3457d ago

Because the definition of "hardcore" is brutally raped.
Its just now a word to tell someone that you are "elite", and that you are "better" as a person when it comes to gaming.

Kirby is cutelooking, hardcore? in my book, F yeah.

Product3457d ago

A disagree? who has played Little Nemo and doesn't think thats core? Thats NES gold right there

TruthbeTold3457d ago

After Super ghouls and Ghosts and Dragon Power. Whoever doesn't think that game is hardcore obviously has not played it. Just because it's cutesy or whatever has nothing to do with the gameplay, which was brutal and unforgiving.

badz1493457d ago

why would anybody want the Wii to be "hardcore"? does it really matters? the Wii is selling like hot cakes to the casual crowd and even the so-called "hardcore" went and bought it just for fun or just because everybody else is getting it! I'm pretty sure those people who called themselves "hardcore" gamers are already owning either the 360 or PS3 for their "hardcore" needs! so what the hell is wrong if there are more matured games on the Wii or not because even if there are, they are not selling too well for a 50 mil+ user base! just like No more heroes, ookami and the latest madworld! so will the Conduit be any different? time will tell but I doubt it will sell crazy numbers like Ninty's own franchises. it's lucky if it sold 250k worldwide because Wii's audience are not really into matured games at all or they are too busy with matured games on either 360 or PS3! there are lots of better games than conduit on those 2 consoles for the conduit to be considered as a good FPS, let alone being a great one!

LJWooly3457d ago

I think people would like "hardcore" games that take advantage of the Wii's motion-sensing controls, to seperate them from the crowd of other hardcore games just a wee bit, Which is why they're not simply settling for using the 360 and PS3 as their "hardcore" consoles.

Of course I use the term "hardcore" somewhat reluctantly, because as Siidar's already said, it's become somewhat of an assertion of superioirity over those with perhaps lighter tastes to call oneself, or one's games, "hardcore".

ChickeyCantor3457d ago

"why would anybody want the Wii to be "hardcore"? does it really matters? the Wii is selling like hot cakes to the casual crowd and even the so-called "hardcore" went and bought it just for fun or just because everybody else is getting it!"

Thats the thing, there is no such thing as a "hardcore" console cause they are all filled with casual and "hardcore" games. A "hardcore" GAMER is just someone who plays lots of games, more than a regular person would.
People now even talk of " REAL "games, i might be ignorant but i don't rmember that kind of made up BS last generation. This gen people have been adding up new words and definitions that i would say that "hardcore" gamers are changing the whole industry.

People just want "decent" if not great software on the Wii, nothing wrong with asking good games.
Btw Okami did bad on the Ps2 too, and maybe the 50+ should have done more for no more heroes, there is a sequal on the way simply because its a success in their book.
I have said it many times before, Game sales never match installbase in numbers(not talking about a game that is included with the system).

The reason the conduit can have a better success is simply because of the type of gameplay.
Maybe also the realistic touch to it( you play as a human in DC?).

Again, no one wants the Wii to be "hardcore"( wtf that means) they( including me) just want good software for it. Wii-motes might not be your daily gaming thing, but there is great potential.

thehitman3457d ago

Casual-A game you play just for fun.
Hardcore- A game you play w/ a good degree of competition.

The difference between hardcore and casual gamers are hardcore gamers play their games to become the best and casual gamers play just because they like to play games. Certain systems ps3/360 yes have more games that can fit those categories while wii has less games that fit those categories.

N4g_null3457d ago

Casual gamers are the one that only play games in certain categories and limit them selves gaming wise. Hardcore like many many different types of games and they love getting better at these games no matter what the controls are. When Hardcore worked the best was doing the 16 bit era. More people tried and played more games yet now if it is not on the right system with street cred or some thing already proven then they will not play it.

Another thing is most of the game media is getting taken over by casual gamers now it seems. Back in the day the media had no credibility at all we just wanted details. The review score did not even matter because we know that the reviewers did not like what we liked.