Want A New Car For GTA: Chinatown Wars?

The week of May 1st Chinatown Wars owners with a Wi-Fi connection will be able to acquire the "Bulletproof Hellenbach" vehicle from Rockstar social club. With more details here's the full release.

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dragunrising3512d ago

Wow...DLC on the DS. Outside of Rockband/Guitar Hero, what Wii games have accomplished this feat? Even the Conduit won't have DLC (and/or patches).

EYEamNUMBER13512d ago

im actually waiting for the DLC coming out for the game what was it the burger missions or something like that forgot the name

dragunrising3512d ago

I'm not that far yet :-p Love the game though. Its hard to believe Rockstar pulled off GTA on the DS.

I suppose I need to sign up for the Rockstar social club today...