CS Console War Battle Plan: Microsoft

Part one of our series about what each company has done right, wrong, and what they need to do to win the console war. First up Xbox 360.

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mikeeno75810d ago

Personally , couldn't give a crap about what company suceeds. As long as their are good games out. At the moment, Xbox 360 has the games i prefer, so i will keep with it. Don't see why people care about how more billions corporations get.

greenlynxx5810d ago

I agree with the author's conclusions that MS has done most things right with a few hiccups here and there. I would have prefered that they spend a little bit more and gave us a two sku pricing structure with a HD standard. Other than that I am extremely happy with the console.

Islandkiwi5810d ago

They do need a monthly newsletter or something telling you what's coming up on Live, or even what's available right now. Asking me to search for new content when there is no new content wastes my time and frustrates the public. We can all get messages, so why not use it?

Schmitty075810d ago

Getting a sort of ad from MS telling me the release dates of games, demos, arcade titles. Of course there should be an option to disable this if it gets too annoying.

About the article, I thought it was a great read and really talked about what are the good, and bad are with ways to make it better. Can't wait for the next one!

FamoAmo5810d ago

They should send it through the messaging system on XBL.. Newsleeter is a good idea you should call MS and suggest it b/c they do listen to the customers!!! Also he said MS has done we'll besides a few hiccups here and there.. I can't wait to see what he has to say about Sony!!

DG5810d ago

ROFL...Thank you some who agrees.

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The story is too old to be commented.