21 Games that will Slip to 2010 and Why

"Games slip. In fact this generation release dates have been slipping with such ease you wonder whether they're coated with Clark Griswold's non-caloric, silicon-based, kitchen lubricant. The big hitters are not exempt either. The likes of Grand Theft Auto IV and Metal Gears Solid 4 were amongst those who disappointed their eager fans… initially at least.

We went though the list of games branded with loose TBA 2009 dates and hand picked those that have made a bleep on our slipdar for reasons explained within. Pencil these down on your Christmas list kids, don't pen 'em!" - from Gameplayer

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SlappingOysters3487d ago

I think their justifications in most places seem sound. I would not be surprised to see a good 60-70% of these end up in 2010.

Pandemic3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Most of the games on that list are looking great.

Hopefully none of them will be cancelled.. Or continuously postponed.

gamesR4fun3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

"Alan Wake
A physiological action thriller designed to keep you on the edge of your seat, Alan Wake is about to miss the Care Boat. The only precipice hanging it has done thus far is make Xbox 360 and PC fans sit on the edge of their seats in WTF anticipation for three years. Given that Microsoft’s big new also delayed IP of 2008 Too Human flunked with an end-of-year release date, we expect Alan Wake to delay to February next year. That would follow Halo Wars successful release plan."

That their gonna delay the game just cause they did it for halo wars...
Heres where i stop readin either the guys dumb or jus trying to be funny. Either way i only got two words for the author. Epic Fail

Edit Thats even with the fact I wouldnt be surprised if it dont show at E3 let alone release this year.

SlappingOysters3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Are you for real. Perhaps if you had studied marketting or kept an eye on the way publishers time their release dates you'd be less inclined to keep at it. You'll no doubt learn some interesting things as I did in this article

for the record - they're suggesting that Too Human releasing pre-Christmas was a bad ploy for a new IP (and it was) and that releasing Halo Wars (a console RTS) early in the year seemed to work better. Makes perfect sense to me that the Feb date might be a surer bet if the game is looking like being rushed out.

Thumbs up for the hardcore Alan Wake love though, you must want this game more than anything else.

DeadlyFire3487d ago

List is crap. Some of the games already have 2010 release date and its getting pushed to 2010 all of a sudden? Interesting. I know Halo Chronicles, Duke Nukem and Bad Company 2 were already set for 2010. They haven't slipped there though.

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SlappingOysters3487d ago

What is it about this generation which has seen games slip so often. I can see it become like films where games slip and slide all over the place just so they can nail the release date with the best sales opp.

I would like to think it is QA, but in some cases - like Damnation - I dunno.

Why o why3487d ago

but id prefer slips and extra polish over bugs n glitches.

You Already Know3487d ago

this many slips shouldn't surprise happens every year...

RadientFlux3487d ago

I think it due to the increased cost in making a game this generation. So publishers would rather delay the game for another 6 months to retool the game and try to get back their investment other than release a title that may go straight to the bargin bin.

McMee3487d ago

I told myself not to click on this article, I said its just 21 potential reasons to get pissed off. Sure enough GOW III and Alan Wake better come out this year or else!

Yeah Sony/Microsoft thats right or else!

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Nihilism3487d ago

2012 for diablo 3 amirite?

Farsendor13487d ago

has microsoft given the date for alan wake or how about sony with god of war 3?

if not why do people think they will be coming out this year. or is it just another gaming website giving false hope and to let down gamers by being wrong?

SlappingOysters3487d ago

As far as I have seen. No dates other than that. I guess that means there is hope for 2009?

You Already Know3487d ago

I've read a playstation magazine a few weeks ago that said God of War III - 2010

I've been saying this all along....and Sony likes to say 2009 because they still consider 2010 as 2009 up until the end of March...which is only in their income statement....they shouldn't apply this to their release dates when they don't have a timetable for them...

NachosWithCheese3486d ago

Right there with you on that one mate. I really want GoW3 this year, but I don't see it being released this side of Christmas... boo!

mynd3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Chris Stead, nuff said.
Credibilty zero.
"Rockstar and Sony screw Microsoft"- Oh really Chris, no I wont let you live that one down.
Speculation, we all could have written a similar article.

SlappingOysters3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

and you won't. Not to mention he gets access to everything months in advance and you don't. So basically I'll take his word over... who are you again?

Still if you have a reason to think otherwise about some of the suggestions he made about what will slip can you construct an argument and let us know why? I have seen his reasonings, gimmie yours because debate is better than that.

mynd3486d ago

Maybe you should look at his track record.

NachosWithCheese3486d ago

Have to say dude I checked his track record and I can't see anything wrong with it?

He's been a respected games journo for years now.

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