First Red Steel 2 details

The first few details on Red Steel 2 are now available, thanks to the latest Nintendo Power.

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WhittO3512d ago

lol at "The gore just doesn’t fit for us and what we’re trying to do", no multiplayer etc, the quality of most games on the Wii is so much lower than that of the PS3/360, and im not talking about the graphics.

MK_Red3512d ago

WTF!? Again no gore!? You have first person game with swords that can cut people and be awesome and AGAIN you choose to remain effing family friendly?
To be fair, I know M rated games that are not RE don't sell on Wii but come on...

mastiffchild3512d ago

Come on. They had to do something after all the broken promises of the first game, didn't they?

The biggest issue was the crap sword fights which almost immediately gave the lie to how accurate the Wiimote was. So they've concentrated on Motion plus-it was the obvious thing to do.

How well have most games with MP on the Wii done? One's without crippling lag so far include MKWii and, on the odd good day, WaW?

Ubi had enough trouble with the basics ast time to worry over the add ons that most games on wii fail at through, I feel, the wii connects troubles rather than their own.

Even the shooting was a bit woolly and over complicated (though the RPG style improvment schemes were a good idea)so if they fix what was wrong with the first game and don't add online MP what do we lose exactly? A pretty average split screen mode? Oh gutted!

Dead Space concentrated on the SP last year for PS360 and didn't miss out by leaving MP to others and if Ubi can finally give us a great SP experience on Wii I won't miss either extra gore or an online that on Wii would prolly lag anyway-hell, even on the Conduit where the Online MP is a big deal they recently had to gimp the numbers which shows the problems it can create on this system so leaving it out might be pretty wise.

N4g_null3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I really don't care about the blood. I will not miss it. All I care about is how deep the sword play game play is. They could really show up a lot of people if this is done right and made to be fun.

Hell they could even do a follow up that is just a FP-melee game with online play set in a underground fight club for red steel fight club what ever. I'm curious to see what they do and what engines they are using.

You guys have to remember you all tried to murder it last time and it still sold a million LOL. It has better art style now and possibly better control. So complain all you want most of you are only trying to make a case as to why the Wii sucks and don't even want to play this game.

Gr813512d ago

To that. I'm looking really forward to what this game has to offer. When did gamers become such b!tchy whiners and complainers? I think it was when the whole "casual vs hardcore" debate started popping up, which is also right around the time Wii started to dominate. Any way, this may be the first M+ game that gets sword fighting down, if that is the case, don't even bother calling yourself a gamer if that doesn't get you hype.

The Wii is begining to fill its library up with many different genres. Reminds me so much of the NES, I swear.

N4g_null3512d ago

Arius Dion it started at the beginning of the PS1. First it was easier games then there was the big debate over online play being a cop out mostly on PC, which it is for re-playability and now we got the gift of normal maps yet they have a huge price tag with them! Another thing is PC developer shut whinners up by giving them the tools and saying hey you know more than us show us! This HD guys all swear they can make better games than what is out or some thing is better than the other with out knowing much about it.

Before these guys would actually know what they are talking about but every since the emotion engine spec talk became the new bar. Gamers no longer talked about how many enemies could be on screen or color depth. Hell most gamers just know the cell has high FP preformace yet few know that the RSX has an out put that is almost higher than that chip and it was made 3 years before the cell.

Few gamers know the difference between a fix function shader unit and a mult or geometry and pixel shader. Things are so far past the avg gamer that the tech has left them behind. Before we would say wow when a developer pulled off some thing on a weaker machine now we just say hey it's not like the high spec version LOL.

Some times I think that most people claiming to have two HD console on here are lieing. Some thing around 4 million out of the 20 million for each machine has both it seems. Another reason why I love the Wii is because it is our last hope.

MS and SONY truly believed that the hardcore were truly going to spend $3,000+ a year on gaming. If they would have looked at PC gaming it would have showed them the truth. Nvidia and ati both know they don't sell many $500 video cards and I'm sure nintendo saw this.

It's weird but it seems the industry has already crashed and every one is now retooling for the fix it years. It's also weird that this gen is almost over ain't it? We got about 2 more years and some change. When the recession turns around thing are going to be pretty sweet again and the current hardcore gamers will be 3 years older making many of them 30. They will leave the same way the platform players did and we will have either a cycle depending on the new talent or some thing totally new. Either way the hardcore will be kicking and crying for what they loved before the developers moved on.