"Blu-ray not an advantage for PS3"

Microsoft UK boss Neil Thompson has become the latest critic of Sony's decision to include a Blu-ray drive in its next-gen PlayStation 3 console as standard. Thompson was responding to a suggestion that the PS3's Blu-ray capabilities give the console an advantage over his own company's Xbox 360.

"Do I want to make people pay £200 extra for a machine with discs that have storage space I don't need? My answer's no, I don't need to do that today," blustered Thompson to "And I don't think I'm going to need to do that for quite a while. I'm not sure the market has moved to high definition [movies] yet," he added. "And if and when it does, then the way that we've constructed the offering we've made [360 users have the option of purchasing a separate HD-DVD drive for their console] means we'll be able to go whichever way we want."

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ChefDejon4755d ago

will eventually have to pay that 200 eventtually...........

sak5004755d ago

There is no fixed format set for the HD standard till now. Also downloadable HD content will start becoming more and more common and people dont need to go for expensive players to watch HD. 360 already streams movies and other stuff from the PCs. It also has downloadable movies/TV shows etc in HD and SD for USA and they would definately make it available for rest of the world. So no reason to pay for 200$ now for something which may or may not become standard in future. And for the time being games are not utilizing more than 10-15 gb on the ps3. Most of it is filled up with useless CGI.

nix4755d ago


keep talking dude! keep talking! there's still hope that you might be able to make the buyers of PS3 change their mind!

sorry xbox fans if i hurt your feelings but now MS bosses are over-doing it! i think by now people knows exactly what PS3 stands for.

Darkaber4755d ago

Has MS got nothing better to do in there time rather than moan about the ps3..

PS3 for the w1n tbh you know it makes sence.

techie4755d ago

They do keep on talking about what the 360 doesn't have, rather than what it does. Reminds me of Phil and rumble though...

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The story is too old to be commented.