Spawn Kill: Top 20 Playstation Games - Part One

K-Tuck of counts down the very best Playstation games.

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The_Zeitgeist3485d ago

Street Fighter Alpha 3 should have been a little higher. That game was awesome. I spent many hours with that game trying to look up Chun-Li's skirt.


K-Tuck3485d ago

It was difficult to judge just how SFA3 would play into the whole scenario, but I had to keep in mind all of the timeless games and major starting points for series the PSX had.

SFA3 is definitely an amazing game, but many more games on the Playstation changed the gaming scene more than Street Fighter Alpha 3 did.

The_Zeitgeist3485d ago

Good list man. Seriously that is a good article. Even if no one ends up reading it. Keep up the good work and you will get there man. That was better than most of the normal junk that gets posted on here.

rockleex3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

In my opinion its a better RPG than even FF7!! >:D

Although FF7 was more popular, it just doesn't hold a candle to the total package that Suikoden II offered.

Xenogears would be my top RPG but its second disc lowered its overall score in my opinion.

Anyways, to this day I still haven't beaten Silent Hill because its SO FREAKIN SCARY!!! >_<

SaiyanFury3485d ago

Great article. Legend of Dragoon was awesome. It's still one of the most requested sequels even 9 years later. With any luck, Sony will announce something along it's lines at E3.

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Etseix3485d ago

the list has Leged Of Dragoon :^)

Myst3485d ago

Would this just be American released games or also including games that were solely based in Japan?

K-Tuck3485d ago

As I am (and always have been) an American gamer, this list pertains only to North American PSX games, though I'm sure most (if not all) games on the list were released in Japan.

Myst3485d ago

Ah, okay. Probably make for an easier list to if they only pertained to North America. Anyway so far a good list especially with the inclusion of Legend of Dragoon :).

Freakwave0033485d ago

I hope Chrono Cross is in that top 20, or somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.

K-Tuck3485d ago

Check out on Saturday to find out!

tigresa3485d ago

Haha I'm with you, Chrono Cross is in my personal Top 3. Hopefully it's in his as well. I'm glad to see it isn't in the bottom tier 11-20 at least. *sigh of relief*

rockleex3485d ago

Peter Russell FTW!!! XD

Or is his name Russell Peters? O_o

tigresa3485d ago

Silent Hill's pretty low! I wonder what's in the Top 5, I'm just praying it's not FF7. Though I know you wouldn't go through all the trouble to write this so in-depth if you were just gunna adhere to fanboy needs and desires. ;)

Can't wait for part 2!

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The story is too old to be commented.