Why Did Konami Cancel Six Days in Fallujah - An Editorial

For a long time now War games based on true-life events have been at the front shelves in stores around the world, with games like Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and many others topping the sales charts. The gaming public clearly has an appetite for games of the "war" genre but the question raised now is "should real war be used as a form of gaming entertainment". This comes as Konami made (and quickly exited) a journey into the war-game market; the game in question goes by the name "Six Days in Fallujah" and is a third person action title to be based on the 2004 Iraq war. This development has brought both a lot of criticism and a lot of unwavering support from the soldiers that were involved in the skirmish, political activists, and anyone with a voice.

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Valkyrie833463d ago

The screenshots of this game actually look really good and I am sad that Konami did not decide to stand behind it; I did hear that Atomic Games is going to continue developing it and maybe just change the name/story line, although I think that would take the whole angle away.....oh well good article!

PepperJack3463d ago

i'm seriously annoyed about this, what kind of a society do we live in where people complain about stuff that they don't like and have the ability to take it away from everyone else?? if they hate the game that much then dont play it!! simple!!

UltimaEnder3463d ago

I agree 100%, it's a sore spot with the public, we all understand that; doesn't mean Konami shouldn't have stood up for their product and weathered the storm; now we may miss out on one of the best "war" games to come out this generation; at least we know it would have been relevant....

Black_McGrath3462d ago

They go to war and no one says anything. But, make a game about going to the war and everyone has something to say.

kingme713462d ago

Exactly. You can shoot real Iraqis and get a medal, but God forbid you shoot virtual ones.

Mike Ox Big3462d ago

Yeah that's right. Nobody ever has anything bad to say about the Iraq war. Did you just wake up from a Coma?

Johandevries3462d ago

In Holland, the prime minister encouraged to ban this game, probably because of the many mistakes he made in Iraq. When any other less realistic war game came or comes out, he didn't or doesn't complain.

allegionary3462d ago

if it's a good game another publisher will probably pick it up...rename it to make it seen less controversial maybe?

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Truth3463d ago

If you read the article it seems as if Konami was putting a huge amount of effort into getting out a triple A title with this. Made with the help of Marines that were there, which I'm sure that they had pretty good control over most of the game to make it as realistic to the sitatuion as possible. It's sad that people still think games are just ridiculous toys, sorry for you who don't understand, but it's an art medium. Just like movies, TV shows, Music...

I'm also kind of disappointed in Konami for giving under the pressure. But with so many classics under their belt it's hard to stay mad at them though, even if now we can only wonder how good this game could have been.

Black_McGrath3462d ago

*Goes back to playing MGS4/MGO*

DeadlyFire3462d ago

Konami didn't cancel it. They just are not publishing it. Atomic Games is still making it.

UltimaEnder3462d ago

Your right deadlyfire, but how successful and how much money will actually go into the game without a publisher? Not much of a chance for success any more.....

360Hater3462d ago

It will feature angry guacamole and you are the grilled chicken or steak and must fight with onion and tomato to over come the acid reflux! Ahhhhhhh

Seriously lame! Not to mention someone will do it and now its got hype and youll lose at suckers!

tehk1w13462d ago

It's pretty simple.

Konami didn't think it was worth spending money on something that might flop because of the controversy surrounding its release. It had nothing to do with hurting feelings -it had everything to do with making a smart financial choice.

And I'm not going to lie -I think they made the right one.

kingme713462d ago

I would tend to disagree they got out due to financial reasons. It's possible it will flop, but I think the controversy will help it make sales. Gamers don't typically shy away from controversial games... GTA has made a killing on them. I think Konami didn't want a PR hit. Japanese companies seem to be courting the West lately and they probably didn't want the bad press for the company.

tehk1w13462d ago

Americans love controversy, but they love controversy like OMG BOOBS or OMG I GET TO KILL A HOOKER.

War is nothing new to Americans. The only thing controversial about Six Days in Fallujah is that it's historically accurate. And since when have Americans cared about history, right?

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