Sony Ditches UMD, Classic Titles To See Digital Re-Release

Kotaku writes: "Sony's rumored plans for a new PSP-supposedly dubbed the PSP Go!-may also usher in a new wave of games becoming digital downloads for the device. That includes, allegedly, the long-awaited arrival of Gran Turismo Mobile."

ExcelKnight5554d ago

8 to 16 GB internal storage?
That's a joke, right?

Regardless, if Sony thinks I'll gladly re-buy the 40-odd UMD games I currently own, they can rest easy. I won't.

The joys of being an early PSP adopter: Each new PSP edition severely screwed the previous one.

Elven65554d ago

Agreed, if some sort of a scheme is involved where I have to pay even a penny more to play my UMD games then no thank you Sony!

PirateThom5554d ago

I don't think this is coming out entirely to screw current owners, because even if they never offered another game on UMD, you can get higher capacity memory sticks to take advantage of the downloads, I think it's testing the market to see how people respond to a download only device.

ThanatosDMC5554d ago (Edited 5554d ago )

Fry's Electronics has the 8gb Lexar pro duo on sale right now. It's only $34.99 compared to it being $60-80.

Also, if you're lucky sometimes Fry's puts the 16gb Lexar pro duo for as low as $69 or $79, which is great since that's $40 to $50 off.

Also, it's not to screw the consumer if they do drop the UMD drives. It's to give developers more incentive to make games for our beloved portable device. Piracy is bad... i have so many games on my PSP but only own 6 UMDs? Weird, no?

ExcelKnight5554d ago

If piracy truly was the problem, they'd be ditching the PSP as a whole and the PSP Go! would essentially be the PSP2. Games out for the PSP Go! would have to avoid being backwards compatible because every single PSN release has been hacked since its release and made available to pirates.

I don't see how this download-only system would thwart people who stick to the older system revisions.

ThanatosDMC5554d ago (Edited 5554d ago )

It might be a completely different motherboard that's even more secure than the ones the PSP-3000s have.

Also, piracy is bad since publishers do take into account the money they lose. PSP still sell cuz you can pirate games. It's the hardware that's selling not the games. However it's not the case in Japan where both hardware and software are selling like... ummm... what's something good.

Damn, and i just bought a used God of War PSP Slim for $200+ so i could change it to custom firmware! I'd be happy if Monster Hunter Unite comes with it when they put it on retail.

If it does have that flip or slide function then they should just call it PSP2 but PSP2 should have a more significant upgrade.

They could thwart those people by releasing a different type of file format that the older PSPs cant read. Thus making people want to actually buy PSP GO! and buy the games online than pirate.

ExcelKnight5554d ago

What you just described is exactly what I said, only it would basically be the PSP2.

If they release new games on a file type that isn't readable on older PSPs, that's basically cutting off the entire audience that would've bought games on those older systems. Sony's back to square one, since they've abandoned the millions of previous PSP systems.

The only question that remains is how Sony wants to market this thing if it's even real: As a new PSP version or as a new PSP generation? If it's the latter, they have a chance to launch anew. If it's the former, the system won't be any more useful to them in the fight against piracy.

raztad5554d ago (Edited 5554d ago )


I very much doubt Sony is going to shoot its on foot on this one. Most propably the PSP Go is PSP4000, not PSP2, so it should be fully compatible with the current generation of psp games. If the umd is removed as rumours are predicting, all those games (at least the most successful) will be available in digital format. I expect them to be compatible with all psps.

The tricky part here is what to do if you have a colection of umds and want to get the psp GO, probably you wont be able to play those games on it. So dont give away your old psp, I wont, but I dont needed it. I'm more than happy with my GoW psp.

f7897905554d ago

Just bought Resistance Retribution and copy and pasted the iso to my computer then copied that to my memory stick. Custom firmware rocks.

pain777pas5554d ago

ExcelKnight your right. Their better be some sort of USB transfer option where you can copy info from the UMD to the New PSP or we can't trade in our old PSPs for the new one. I love the HD idea though. I don't want to carry anymore around. They better Keep the Memory stick to so that as that increases we have pretty much a limitless storage option.

Baka-akaB5554d ago (Edited 5554d ago )

It would be a problem in two cases for those pirates ...

First what about new games ? Sony might ditch completely umd disc and gives download coupon when buying in stores (or even make you download them at the store you bought it) , or make you purchase them online .

Also know about some guys moaning that they couldnt play a pirated copy of Idol master psp (of all games , but oh well....) because of the firmware and the custom firmwares crew not releasing a new one (thought in this case they had it , just didnt see the benefits of releasing a new few firmware that added nothing and only affected that particular game ) .

Remember also that psp released starting the psp slim 2004 series , and obviously 3000 have yet to be hacked successfully , and thats a pretty good chunk of current psps . At least in japan .

The increasing combination of hardware+software security are really started to take a toll , even if temporary and partial on that psp piracy .
Adding a mostly digital distribution service for games would only help reinforce those current measures


They also already started using proeminently download coupons . LIke that Capcom fate unlimited game ...
They might deside upon a system of code if you can show proof of purchase or current ownership of umds ...
Free voucher to download a digital copy on sticks .
But of course i want the stick option as well if that happens

Silellak5554d ago

I agree. If this is true, Sony better have a way to convert current UMDs to a playable format (already possible with 3rd party tools, obviously), or I'm out.

RememberThe3575554d ago

"and additional loose talk of in-store kiosks that would allow gamers to rip UMD games to a storage device"


ThanatosDMC5554d ago (Edited 5554d ago )

UMD backup would be inviting piracy again though... that's basically copying the ISO or a CSO file... what's so hard about uploading it to megauploads or those other websites?

Oh, about changing it to a different file type. I dont mean alienating older PSPs, but if they could create a firmware update that is pirate proof then by all means make one. Then let the future games released be all DD or UMDs with updated firmware protections.

nbsmatambo5554d ago (Edited 5554d ago )

they should release an iTunes type management system, that allows us to add or remove the games/movies/pictures/music we want to play...

they just need a super duper encryption to prevent lots of piracy lol

that would be bad@ss


whoelse5554d ago

I probably will buy if they sort some system so I can play the games I own. For example, if the copy system would be too piracy risky, how about get your system to register the games from your UMD onto your PSN account. Then, go onto your PSP Go! and download identical versions from the PS Store.

IdleLeeSiuLung5554d ago

If this is true, they are getting rid of their proprietary format for the next PSP. No BC on PSP Go!

I personally thought a moving disc on a portable unit was a bad idea in the first place, but now you can't play your games on newer models.... Sucks if you have a large library of PSP games.

anh_duong5554d ago

Sony will continue to sell the psp30000. The umdless psp is aimed at a new audience who have no umd games. The aren't asking anyone to ditch their umd

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Unicron5554d ago

Its like, awesome, but I dont WANT to upgrade my PSP.. I LIKE my PSP with SNES/Genesis on it. (And no, I will never pirate a PSP game, I own 20 legit!)

Droid Smasha5554d ago

my friends put there drinks on them.

ZuperAmazingCooKie5554d ago

Your friends are equal to the square root of minus one

gambare5554d ago (Edited 5554d ago )

and to think microsoft was the first in saying they will implement DD but Sony is making it with success not just movies but games too.

sukru5554d ago

PSP is a good device, and MS is not even in the market. No need to stir a flamewar here.

raztad5554d ago (Edited 5554d ago )

I dont think gambare meant to start a flamewar, but to remark that is Sony doing the important steps forward to implement a fully download only gaming system, instead of MS that has been talking about that, but released a core gaming system w/o HDD support crippling its own strategy. That is FACT. Not opinions, no space for flamebait or spins. It will be pretty interesting to see what kind of device the ZuneHD results to be.

Socomer 19795554d ago

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