Playstadium - Hands-on: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - multiplayer writes:

"...Headset support - but we chose to shout instead.
We had also tried Uncharted version of Capture the Flag - The Plunder. Basically is setup the same. There must be enemies to death, but must also secure a portion of gold that is located centrally on the track and carry it back to base. However, considering the treasure chest weight and that it's so great that it limits the player to only be able to fire the weapon with one hand. That means small arms. Of course one can rapidly shed from the coffin, and eliminate the enemies around him - but it can be difficult encouraged to ally themselves with a few teammates, covering your back while you hurtle back to base, where the gold should be thrown into a coffin..."

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InfectedDK3484d ago

In the beginning I was kinda doubtful but I'm beginning to see the idea with this multiplayer and I'm actually pretty excited for it now. As long as the singleplayer is decent also this could even turn out as GOTY.